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SELECTIVE OPEN HOUSE Open House event: a visit of the company that realizes modern warehouse solutions; essential systems created to manage efficiently the resources for the “Feeding of the Planet” and for the promotion of the “Energy for Life”. During this event, it will be shown how modern storage systems are created: we refer to solutions that reach a logistic efficiency and can answer to the main questions that characterize EXPO 2015: “Is it possible to guarantee water and food for the entire world population? Is it possible to increase food security?".

For this meeting highly qualified skills are required and for this reason those who desire to take part in the event will be preemptively consulted with the aim to adapt this gathering to their needs. The Open House event requires a minimum and a maximum number of participants

The Open House event will last about 3 hours, every Friday from 10 am to 1 pm (only with the achievement of the minimum number of participants, planned in a week in advance according to the availability of the staff ).

For sign up please contact at least 2 weeks in advance:

Enrolled people will be consulted to tailor the event to their needs.
  • Strada Padana Verso Verona
    Vicenza (VI)


Ferretto Group is a company able to provide a complete range of solutions for all storage and filing needs. When we talk about Ferretto Group we refer to historic brands, now Business Units, that include Armes for metal racks and mezzanines, Promag for automatic storage systems with stacker cranes and Bertello for vertical, rotating and compact mobile systems. Another area of the group, renamed Egeria, develops software solutions for logistics.
Strada Padana Verso Verona 101
36100 - Vicenza (VI)
+39 0444349688
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Shelving, mezzanines and automatic storage systems.

Besides operating massively on the Italian and European market, the company, founded in Vicenza in 1956, has started an important internalization process through direct sales and a widespread network of dealers. In recent years , the company opened its own production branches and units in India, China and recently in Egypt.

Competence, experience, competitiveness and excellent service make Ferretto Group one of the leading companies in the area of goods handling and storage in Italy and Europe, with the ability to support the customer during the entire life of the system from design, installation, support and maintenance.
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