MASCAR - HAYMAKING AND SEEDING - EXCELLENCES IN THE FIELD! Mascar organizes every Friday a company visit with field tests of the machinery of its own production such as seeders, balers and wrappers.
After a company presentation video,  we proposes a visit to the production plants and a field demonstration by a bio-sustainable farm.
Mascar proposes, every Friday afternoon, an interesting visit to the discovery of its own production reality. We want to let you know our agricultural vocation and specialization which over the years has reached excellence levels.
A technical team who develops innovation and continuous materials research and technologies to offer a diversity of solutions, to facilitate the use of the produced machinery.
A presentation video that will show various aspects of haymaking, from the bale preparation to the wrapping. It will then illustrate the seeding with high precision machinery.
A brief visit to the factory will follow, to continue then with the most interesting part, the field test of balers, seeders and wrappers that will take place by a bio-sustainable farm, with a complete cycle of high quality milk and cheese production. A tour that will bring visitors into contact with an eco-friendly company.
Feeding, planet, energy and life, themes that Mascar has at heart and follows in everyday activities.

Timetable: Friday afternoon from 14.00
Duration: Three hours
Participation: For organizational reasons, the event will take place with a minimum of 5 people.
In case of bad weather, there will be the visit to the Mascar company and to the bio-sustainable farm. The field test will not be carried out.
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MASCAR is an Italian company specialized in the production of agriculture machinery, exporting its products in more than 40 countries in the world.
We produce BALERS, pneumatic and mechanical PLANTERS, mounted and trailed WRAPPERS.
We manage the entire production process from its design to its construction and assembling up to the painting with a modern high technology system. Having 100% of the production cycle within the Mascar plant is a guarantee of quality, control as well as flexibility.
+39 0444 - 380180
Annen informasjon
MASCAR in the world
MASCAR exports its machines in more than 40 Countries in the world.
This is the result of a wide range of products, of their reliability and quick time reaction in managing the various customers’ requests, technical or commercial.
Mascar, productivity and quality made in Italy
MASCAR SPA arises from the passion of the family Maschio for agricultural machinery. A passion founded on the ability to deal with the entire production process of the machines from its design to its construction and assembling up to the painting with a modern high technology system. Having 100% of the production cycle within the MASCAR plants is a guarantee of quality, control, as well as flexibility for all customers’ requests. But our Project grows every year, especially for the professional value, the respect and the importance we give, every day, to the relationship with our customers.

Wide range of mounted and trailed wrappers. Reliability and durability are the main features of the complete MASCAR offer because a good wrapping grants quality and health of the breeding.

Seed drills and monoseed planters for each type of seed with all modern solutions for the different field surfaces. Our production planning flexibility, in particular in the seed field, is the feature that allows us to meet any customer request, in every part of the world.
The choice of the suitable round baler for the customer is the most important decision to take. MASCAR simplifies this choice providing machines for any exigency, both economic and of work. Solutions for everybody: from the small to the large agricultural company or contractor. With MASCAR you put together design and assembling with the machine you are looking for.
Range of products always growing
The speed of changes in the agricultural world sees us always strongly committed to the development of the wide range of products and to the continuous new models conception.
Your satisfaction is our pride

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