EXPO 2015: FREE AND ECOLOGIC HOT WATER Presentation of heat pumps accumulator for the production of sanitary water.
You pay 1 and you get 3 or more. For free!
With heat pump accumulators you can heat sanitary water and have a high energy safe and consequently you can save 2/3 of energy used to produce sanitary water. You pay 1 and you get 3 or more. Heat pump tanks have a range of accumulators to 300 lts and they can be integrated with one or more auxiliary heat exchanger.
We have two versions: the cylinder bloc in which the compressor is included in the tank and the split version in which the compressor can be placed far from the tank and outside.
These products for sanitary water are energy savers and ecologic products.

The event will be a product presentation.
It will last from 9 to 11 and there will be a coffee break.
It will take place in the meeting room at factory and head office of Giona Holding.
The room can hold max. 30 persons. If we will have more than 30 agreements, Giona Holding will consider to change the place for the event or to organize other events.
  • Via Apollo 11, 1
    S. Maria di Zevio (VR)


Giona Holding is a firm that produces and sells accumulators for sanitary water, heat pumps for sanitary hot water, glass lined and stainless steel for sanitary hot water, inertial accumulators and pipe in tank as well as gas/electric water heaters, from 10 to 1000 liters.
Via Apollo 11, 1
37059 - S. Maria di Zevio (VR)
+39 045 6050099
Annen informasjon
Giona Holding represents the logical evolution of an industrial subject that since decades operates in the hard hydrotermicsanitary branch producing heat pumps, tanks and water heaters.
Leader in the hard branch of internal treatment for sanitary water accumulators, such as vitrification, the firm can realize the entire production cycle, from design to pressing of components, from welding to internal treatment, from insulation to the finish of the product.
Research and development, the most advanced technologies, specification to the norms helped the firm brands to become a reference on the most qualified international markets.
Giona Holding sells its products with the brands LIKE and STYLEBOILER on national and international markets.
Giona Holding always research about the most innovative and comfortable way to accumulate water.
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