Arrangement > A trip in the Riviera's Heart, among music, art and design, from the Canaletto to today.

A TRIP IN THE RIVIERA'S HEART, AMONG MUSIC, ART AND DESIGN, FROM THE CANALETTO TO TODAY. A trip in the heart of the Brenta river, from the "Low Island", also painted by the famous painter Canaletto, to the search of the ancient Teachers Vetrai of Albatros and the musical tradition of Brusegan Brothers. A day among art, history, design, music, passion and love to know how to do. Let's visit the heart of Brenta River.
You will depart from the "Low Island", characteristic of Dolo Town -illustrated also in a famous picture of Canaletto, with its historical Mill and its shops that lean out on the River "Brenta", sailed hundreds of years ago by the Venetian boats, and today a must-see of the famous touristic-ship Burchiello.
For lunch you will taste typical Venetian and Italian foods in the restaurant "The Mill of Dolo" and then stroll around the "Low Island".
After that you will visit the historical Albatros Glassworks, where Teachers Vetrai will illustrate the ancient techniques of workmanship of the glass, cut, fusion, decoration. Moreover you can admire our glass-creations in our showroom.
Finally, to conclude this amazing day among history, design and art, you will be delighted by the notes of Brusegan Brothers and their Pianos, that, from over one century, know how to fascinate and seduce artists from all over the world.


The event takes place every monday from 09.30 am to 18.00 pm.
The cost is 30€ per person and includes transfers and lunch.

For information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
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    Camponogara (VE)


Beyond the Mirror, we build emotions. Shapes, color and sounds that melt together to create new sensations,  handed down from the ancient artists of Venice's Glass, grown up among decoration, art and design.
We work for a new contemporary attitude, rich in uniqueness and value, maximum expression of "Made in Italy".
Via dell'Industria, 1
30010 - Camponogara (VE)
Annen informasjon
Albatros operates in the Artistic Glass since 1950, when Mr. Rizzi Giancarlo established the company.
Today his sons, Stefano and Luciano, continue the activity of their father.
Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and love for this job are the distinguishing features of our activity. 
Albatros is loyal to the ancient techniques of workmanship of the Glass and it is flexible enough to come along with almost any customization enquiry. 
Each single item keeps the Glass masters’ artisanship with that uniqueness, which represents Venice in the world.
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