The Soul of Venice is still alive

Via Venetian Rowing I have known people who hold valuable treasures Stories and traditions to pass down through generations to help to save the delicate balance and identity of a city that is unique in the world.  – Gloria Rogliani – Rowing Champion.

A short distance from the historic centre and the  streets frequented by mass tourism, another Venice offers visitors who  a chance to discover the lagoon eco system an  environment which is  no less historic, no less  Authentic Venetian.  This is 'the Venice of the smaller islands, a wide expanse of water and earth  semi-emerged where the silent landscape is consistent with the flow of the tides. The traditional lagoon boats resist  the noisy aggressiveness of the  motor engines, colours of water  earth and sky mix with the red brick of human construction  and where the sandbanks offer homes  to the inhabitants of the lagoon : egrets, herons, gulls, hawks , kingfishers .... It 'a Venice where the  nature is intact, but where traces of man and his passing tell an old story: a world miraculously remained intact, similar to that in the sixth century welcomed residents  from Aquileia, who fleeing from Attila and the Huns, would later founded Venice.


Rowing Camp and Laguna Baby is primarily an adventure for the children  (pre-school to elementary and middle school)  It is a camp which is a mixture  of fun and culture, with  a chance to discover in an original  way   the "life" in Venice making new friends , sharing a new experiences  that will help our children to develop their own self esteem  and their autonomy.

Through sport they will get to  know the culture and traditions of the lagoon of Venice,  also having the opportunity to  meet  many amazing people with stories to tell. The fishermen of Burano, with their strong hands , the farmers of St. Erasmus cultivating the "gardens" of Venice who produce  genuine products of  local tradition.  They will get to know  carpenters in local boat yards , makers of forcole and oars , these people are  keepers of knowledge essential to  preserve  the culture of rowing.  They will see glass masters at work on the island of Murano , become friends of those who keep  alive the lagoon and the city. They will meet  champions of the Historical Regatta  who will tell stories reliving  races so beloved by the Venetians. We'go in the  "bragosso"  a typical Venetian boat motor, between the  no longer inhabited islands in  the lagoon.  Educational material is always given during the sessions to help children to understand the origins of Venice

Sport activities: Venetian rowing  with typical Venetian boats , kayaking, dragon boating, SUP, canoeing, basics of survival, Orienteering, fishing, and venetian rowing races.


The exceptionality  of Voga Camp  and Laguna Baby is supported by highly skilled  staff  who  aim to make the holiday in Venice wonderfully unique and unforgettable.


Ability to change schedules and itinerary


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The Polisportiva Venexiana was created as a necessity to transmit the tradition of  Venetian rowing, the history of Venice and its lagoon for the future generations.

Through the experience of a champion rower Gloria Rogliani , president of the Polisportiva Venexiana she transmits the knowledge of the territory so deeply rooted in Venetian rowing to encourage the  value of  its history , culture and environmental protection and  to maintain the tradition of the  lagoon ecosystem .

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Understanding Venice from the water helps you to   become protagonists in the current time  reinventing the ancient gesture of rowing technique .

The Venetian rowing has antique origins linked to folk festivals since the thirteenth century and has always involved citizens of Venice  and strangers .

In ancient waterways were essential for the residents but also a challenge between boatmen and gondoliers reaching the  maximum with the most significant event in the city  : The Historical Regatta

Through the attachment  of Venice to the Kingdom of Italy , the races became the celebration of the glorious past of the Venetian Republic .

In 1899, with a proposal from the mayor of Venice , Count Filippo Grimani  the regatta added  the ‘history’ – Storica. .  Up until now l the rowing season involves all the islands and each island has its own race ( regatta)  and its champion .

Each event has its own Venetian water parade since the year one thousand .

The lagoon area features  treasures of inestimable historical value , islands that have  disappeared once a testimony of history and culture , this side Venice is often unknown to both the resident of the city  and tourists .

The Polisportiva  Venexiana with a champion rower at the helm  , wants to make  this territory known by  :

 Using the technique of Venetian rowing to pass on the tradition of conservation and the lagoon ecosystem ;

• promote starting from ancient gestures of Venetian rowing ,ecological tourism to help environmental protection and the ‘civitas’ Venetian ;

• to understand the beauty and exclusivity of Venice and its lagoon islands observing this through culture and traditional  oar movements that areuniquely Venetian .

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