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SMART BUSINESS. THE COMPANY IS GOING DIGITAL? Part of COMPRENDEREXCAMBIARE 2015, the program of corporate culture by Unindustria Treviso, dedicated to trends that are transforming the world, a prerequisite to initiate change. The event has the purpose to understand the new developments of smart technologies useful for the business. Unindustria Treviso, UNIS & F, Bit Club, Club TI and Computer Without Borders organized an event to understand the new trend of smart technologies useful for the business.

Why talk about SMART?
the Internet of Things (IoT) with 50 billion connected devices by 2020, will generate more than $ 14 billion over the next 10 years, but there are no established standards;
63% of people would rather give up chocolate than the smartphone, but 74% of companies do not have a plan for the mobile world;
the market for wearable technology has grown in one year of 209% with more than 19 million units, but in Italy you do not even touch the 700,000;
2/3 of the manufacturing companies using 3D printing, but only 0.9% of the uses for the production;
by 2016 the cloud computing market will reach $ 20 billion, but in SMEs represents less than 5% of the expenditure in I & CT;
the market for drones by 2021 will generate $ 130 billion, but there are still few companies that exploit the potential
2015 Internet advertising will constitute 25% of the advertising market, but the e-commerce represents only 4% of total sales in Italy.

All business then will be enabled by digital.

The event will include elevator pitch, contributions of international players, companies, academia and strategic advice during the morning; in the afternoon will alternate, instead, workshops and thematic presentations on various topics: internet of thinghs and drones, 3D printing, big data and business analytics, cloud computing, smart working, city, education, operations and technology, wearable mobile security, e-commerce, web marketing and advanced materials.

All information here:

Do you want to talk about your project? Have you got a product that you feel smart? Have you developed a service in which technologies are really business enabler?
Reply to our call for ideas. Read the rules and fill out the application form by following this link
The best six works will be presented on stage May 22.

The event will take place May 22, 2015, from 9:30 until 17:30, at the Auditorium of Piazza delle Istituzioni in Treviso.
Participation is free, but you have to register on
  • Piazza delle Istituzioni, 7 - 31100
    Treviso (TV)


Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Pordenone S.c.a.r.l. - UNIS&F - is the training and services branch of the Unione degli Industriali of Treviso and Pordenone, representing over 3000 regional companies. It acts as a single point of reference to optimise the organisation of company business processes and to respond to the training requirements.
Piazza delle Istituzioni 12
31100 - Treviso (TV)
Annen informasjon
UNIS&F support both of companies and their workers through targeted actions, in order to:
  • Assist companies by offering highly specialised support services;
  • Design and manage training courses on all issues of company interest;
  • Aid companies in the sourcing of funding for training programmes and consultancy services.
  • Assistance in tax matters (CAF);
  • Corporate administrative liability (Legislative Decree no. 231/01) and legislation on Privacy;
  • Lean Management, CE Marking, Testing machinery and equipment conformity, Technical manual translation, Food safety;
  • Human resources and Organisation, On-line payroll services, Individual apprenticeship training plans;
  • Quality certification;
  • Safety at work;
  • Human Resources research and selection activities through Unimpiego Confindustria, guidance for the unemployed and workers on redundancy payment, promotion of internships, work placements and job reintegration.
  • Analysis of training requirements;
  • Courses and seminars, either standard or tailored to particular company needs, aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of employees, freelance professionals, directors, owners and managers, young people with apprenticeships, the unemployed, and those taking redundancy;
  • Organisation of distance learning courses (ODL), mentoring throughout training and final assessment tests;
  • Support, management and organisation of examinations to obtain certification in specific abilities (English language LCCI, Italian as a Foreign Language, achievement of European Computer Driving License ECDL and European Quality Driving License EQDL).
  • Seeking funding through regional and interprofessional funds (ESF, Fondimpresa – Fondirigenti) to provide training activities.
  • Planning, creation and reporting of subsidised activities for the benefit of companies, workers and job seekers.
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