PIZZA SLOW WITH SLOW FOOD PRESIDIA AND BEERS Tasting dinner based on pizzas made with Slow Food Presidia and served with Slow beers
In the year of Expo 2015, the SLOW FOOD Conviumum of Vicenza proposes a number of initiatives to highlight the local restaurateurs,producers and operators in the agri-food sector who share the philosophy of  the international association founded by Carlo Petrini: the rediscovery of pleasure through the culture of food, the respect the life rhythms and of the  overall quality of life in the name of the "slowness", the safeguarding of biodiversity, the sustainable production, the pleasure of food as a prerogative for everyone in the world.
This event aims to present the Pizza, known ad the universal symbol of the Italian cooking expertise, but  interpreted on the basis of the micro-productions and of the biodivesity, by means of  the produces called Slow Food Presidia - -  as main ingredients and served with choosen Slow beers, selected on the basis of the parameters of the territoriality and of the production method.

Tasting menu:
Pizza fritta with the Agro Nocerino Sernese tomato _ Slow Food Presidium
combined with Seta del Birrificio Rurale_ Cat Birra Quotidiana Guida Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2015
Pizza Flavors of the South with anchovies from Menaica and capers from Salina_ Slow Food Presidium
combined with Tabula rasa del Birrificio Toccalmatto_ Cat Grandi Birre Guida Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2015
Pizza with Gallina Padovana Imbriaga _ Slow Food Presidium
combined with Triple del Birrificio Extraomnes_ Cat Grandi Birre Guida Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2015
Beer made ice cream or sorbet

The cost for the Slow Food members is Euro 20,00 pro capite and Euro 25,00 for people who had not yet be a Slow Food member.
For the associated and the friends of Slow Food in Vicenza the reservation (compulsory) must be made via e-mail to by phone to + 39 348 8062385.
  • via San Martino 36
    Cornedo Vicentino (VI)


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