OPERAESTATE FESTIVAL VENETO Operaestate Festival Veneto presents its 35° edition, taking place in Bassano del Grappa and the entire Pedemontana Veneta area: from June to September, in 40 “città palcoscenico”. DANCE

The dance section of the Festival will be a synthesis of the intense planning by CSC/Casa della Danza (the only one in Europe recognised by the EDN-European Dancehouse Network). For the entire year European projects, workshops, presentations, formations, made of Bassano a privileged centre, recognised at European level for its role in the promotion of contemporary dance. The Festival will present:

-the great “COREOGRAFIA D’AUTORE”: among the guests are internationally famous dance companies, as Carolyn Carlson, and the Balletto di Roma performing Swan Lake;

-ARCHITETTURE DEL CORPO, where old towns, villas, palaces, museums and contemporary buildings, the land art Arte Sella Musem, the scenery along the Brenta cycle path, will host the new dance projects that will take place during Summer 2015.

-and the GUERA GRANDA with In Memoriam/After the end: a unique project conceived by the Israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman, featuring 100 dancers and 300 choristers.


The theatre festival is a journey through emotional and physical places, marked by a strong attachment to a territory from which art, reflection, food and culture flourish. The intertwining of fascinating locations, literal and theatrical texts, and enogastronomy are the theme of the EXP(L)ORANDO theatre season. The art of theatre meets the culinary one through narrations, dinner theatres and original dramaturgies. The GUERA GRANDA project will present several special events dedicated to the 100 years anniversary of the Great War. Through Bassano and the Pedemontana area, innovative projects will be staged to remind and understand that from the tragedy of war, only the challenge of peace can arise. The last theatrical project is SUPER-EROI FUORI DAL TEMPO which will host Natalino Balasso, the Cuscunà/Musso/Questa trio, and Iaia Forte performing a text by Paolo Sorrentino.


The festival music program will be wide, with the participation of important orchestras, chamber music groups and soloists along with young and internationally recognised musicians. The fourth edition of the project: EKFRASIS –STORIE DELL’ARTE will occur, depicting with the aid of words and music, the Venetians work of arts and painting. B.MOTION

B.MOTION (scena contemporanea festival – from 20th to 31st August 2015)

Nationally and internationally recognised as one of the most interesting artistic projects in Italy, B.Motion will continue its research on the languages and ways of the contemporary Dance and Theatre. Over 30 events in 8 days, most of them are national premieres. The project features the best of the European and Italian scene, with many among the artists supported and involved in the several projects of the Bassano CSC. As usual, the first period will be dedicated to the international contemporary dance while the second will be dedicated to the Italian last generation theatre, enriched by prestigious European performers. There also will be place for reflecting and going in depth with the young critique of national and international scholars and professionals.   

Info: biglietteria@comune.bassano.vi.it 0424 524214
  • Teatro al Castello Tito Gobbi
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • Teatro Remondini, Via SS. Trinità, 8
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • Giardino Parolini, Via Remondini
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • CSC Garage Nardini, Via Torino, 9
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • CSC San Bonaventura, Viale delle Fosse
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • Museo Civico, Piazza Garibaldi
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • Palazzo Sturm, Via Schiavonetti, 7
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)
  • Teatro Millepini, Via Millepini, 1
    Asiago (VI)
  • Villa Razzolin Loredan, Via Schiavonesca Marosticana, 15
    Asolo (TV)


Operaestate Festival Veneto presents its 35° edition, taking place in Bassano del Grappa and the entire Pedemontana Veneta area: from June to September, in 40 “città palcoscenico”. Dance, Theatre, Music and Cinema events, through innovation and tradition, natural sceneries, history, art and the delights of a territory that can be discovered through a spectacular journey, lasting the whole summer. 
Via Matteotti, 39
+39 0424 519822 www.operaestate.it
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Bassano is home to the Operaestate Festival; here several dance, music and theatre projects are developed, featuring artists and companies from all over the world. The festival then spreads to 40 other towns in the area of Vicenza, Treviso and Padova, but also of Trento and Belluno, where the combination of physical and conceptual art remains one of the festival aspirations, and the performances will often be inspired by the places and natural scenarios of the territory. 
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