PADOVA CITY OF ART AND CULTURE  A led  tour  to the beautiful city of Padova, to know   some of the historical sites,  more important in Europe, and to taste the typical products of Padania’s  food and wine tradition.
Padua in the past centuries, has seen famous people, walking in his ways, by Galileo Galilei, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang Goethe to Nicolaus Copernicus, up to Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman graduated in philosophy, in the world.

Rich in culture and history, the city of Padova offers many routes, we wish  "to accompany you" into a path unique, an event full of beauty so, we will start the day from the city center, with the famous Caffè Pedrocchi (1831), known as the Café without doors, because back then, not having  doors remained open day and night .
A few steps from Coffee, we will visit the ancient University (1222) the BO ', then head, in one of the most folkloristic zones in Padua, the shops "below salon" that lie under the Palace of Reason (1200) between Piazza Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, where we will  taste only fresh regional products and  enjoy the fine wine of the Euganean Hills.

From "below salon" after going to the last square, Piazza dei Signori, where stands the Astronomical clock tower, we will continue walking until we’ll reach one of the largest squares in Europe, Prato della Valle (1775 ) an island of elliptical shape surrounded by a channel on whose banks stand, 78 marble statues, representing  many famous people.
A few dozen meters from Prato, we will be facing the magnificent Basilica of the Saint (1232) in honor of St. Anthony, in which we will admire the works of Donatello and Mantegna.

To conclude our day, we will visit the wonderful, ancient Botanical Garden (1545) became a UNESCO world heritage site.
Located behind the Basilica del Santo, we ‘ll walk among the streets of ancient trees, the scent of roses, collections of medicinal plants, those of carnivorous plants, and finally, a trip inside the brand new Garden of Bio Diversity to discover the origin of life, from the Poles to the Equator.



• Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, from May to October
• Hours: from 10 am to 16 pm
• Groups: minimum 2 persons, maximum 6
• A guided tour in English
  • Piazza delle Erbe
    Padova (PD)


 Was starting    three generations ago, ICP's passion  to  prepare a  typical   Veneto's appetizers  shaped  as a   small skewer named "Spunciotti"
As tradition, all our products in oil are made through a process strictly artisanal, using  only. Italian raw materials, coming from the area of origin.
Today, to  the "Spunciotti",  other selected appetizers in  oil have been added  , addressed  to  Wine Bars  and  Supermarkets
via Genova, 28
35030 - Padova (PD)
+39049630678 www.conserveicp.com
Meer informatie
In the 50's Giovanni  Frizzarin created  the formula with which he produced the first  starters in oil from unique flavor, named " Spunciotti"
Laura Frizzarin and her daughter Claudia have been able to keep unchanged, over the years, not just a family tradition, but also  local,  with the same passion and  care,
reserved to those special loves
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