THE FIVE SENSES IN THE BOTANICAL GARDEN Educational and recreational tours to taste the flavors and appreciate the uses of botanical herbs. In our  SAN PIO X 1708  farm, nestled  in the typical Padanian area,  you can appreciate a new way of living the rural environment
We organize sensory pathways and educational tours for children and adults to have a close knowledge of the herbs that we cultivate in our BOTANICAL GARDEN. You can stroll along the paths of our fields that extend toward a relaxing view.
An expert agronomist will guide you step by step and he will teach you the peculiarities  the use, and all the technical characteristics of the botanical plants.  You can embark in a  visual, olfactory and tactile exciting and unforgettable experience.
You can see the laboratory in which are processed and transformed the botanical herbs and from which we prepare herbal teas,  culinary spices and cosmetic products.
At the end of the tour you will be offered a nice aperitif accompanied by typical products of the Veneto region,  as the delicious  home-made biscuits with herbs of the field of  the "Biscuits Bettina" (www.biscotteriabettina.it ) along with  a lovely glass of wine from the Comunian Company (http://www.comunianvini.it). For the kids a refreshing herbal tea with our herbs!
The aperitif will take place in our court : our "open to the sky room", where every guest can stay in full relax and appreciate our various activities.
Moreover  we would be glad to offer you, if you wish, a welcome wellness free treatment of  pure relax at one of our loyal  beauty center located a few kilometers far from our farm,  where you can try our ORIGO 1708 Herbal Pure Concept natural cosmetics that are made with botanical herbs.

For more details you can contact our company and we will be happy to provide any information needed for you to attend the event.
mail: info@sanpiox1708.it
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The combination between the Azienda Agricola SAN PIO X farm and a team of professionals - including agronomist and herbalist accomplished by many years of experience - led to the creation and development of  ORIGO1708 Herbal Pure Concept an innovative and very ambitious program in the natural and organic cosmetics field. The aim of this project is to achieve the physiological well-being of the body
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35020 - Albignasego (PD)
+390498010505 www.sanpiox1708.it
Meer informatie
The founders of the “Azienda Agricola SAN PIO X” farm as well as all the people working for the company, are bound together by a common desire that is to contribute to the development and enhancement of the local territory sponsoring and developing several projects that involve many activities.
The Latin term Origo in Italian 'origine' epitomizes the idea of ​​foundation or principle: 1708 represents the date of the establishment of the “Azienda Agricola San Pio X” farm.
Thanks to the collaboration of experienced professionals, the “Azienda Agricola SAN PIO X” farm guarantees the quality of its products starting from the care of the cultivation of the botanical herbs that represent the core business of the process and realization of our cosmetics line.
ORIGO1708 has developed a specific program within the natural cosmetics field that embraces a holistic approach respecting, in its wholeness every single aspect of the process: from the strict control of the botanical herbs crops, that partly contribute to the creation of the cosmetic products, to the final step represented by the care of the final application of the cosmetic products themselves.
Our aim is to let each individual achieve a balance between his social, emotional and physical compass.

ORIGO1708 Herbal Pure Concept applies natural remedies to accomplish the increasing need to live in an authentic and healthy environment. Thanks to a careful and rigorous selection of the raw materials and by exploiting at the best the functional active ingredients of the botanical herbs.
All products of the program "ORIGO 1708" are designed and formulated to contribute to the well-being of the body. They are innovative, delicate and efficacious exploiting the natural properties of the botanical herbs. The products are  fully compatible  with the skin, they do not alter the primary function, but they bring nourishment.
Within the Herbal Pure Concept program it has been developed the  Hair-B Care METHOD dedicated to the care of the scalp and the hair . All the  products are characterized by specific functional active ingredients that do not alter the hydrolipidic skin barrier on the contrary they improve its balance.  It is more than a mere cosmetics line product, it is a method that combines the careful use of the state-of-the-art instrumentations as well as the identification and application of specific products, monitoring the subsequent changes.
All the company activities are accomplished following the ethics and sustainable principles, in the respect of the environment and the territory through the selection of suitable operating procedures, non-aggressive, non-destructive, but compatible with the proper management of natural resources
The products do not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, PEG, synthetic dyes, SLS, silicones. All the packaging used for the products are made of recyclable materials with a low environmental impact. Thanks to a careful and rigorous selection of raw materials and favoring the functional active ingredients of the plants, ORIGO1708 Herbal Pure Concept offers efficacious treatments and state-of-the-art products.
The company mission is to renew itself, constantly looking toward the future and at new technologies, respecting the traditions, the compass of nature and the environment, in total harmony with the concept of eco-sustainability.
ORIGO1708 Herbal Pure Concept uses natural remedies to accomplish the widespread need to live in a more authentic and healthier environment. The aim of the “Azienda Agricola SAN PIO X” farm is to THINK and ACT GREEN.
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