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FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE BENEDICTINE A journey in the surroundings of Padua discovering some of the Benedictine monasteries that have played a relevant role in the development of the territory. The Benedictine experience has greatly affected the environmental and human evolution of the territory connecting the religious message with historical, cultural, social, political and economic events.  Many are the signs in Padua and its surroundings that reveal  a still existing Benedictine community - like Praglia or San Daniele - or  a place where there was an important one – like Carceri, until 1690 one of the most powerful and wide abbey between Padua and Rovigo. Sometimes the presence of the Benedictine keeps on existing in the name of the place.  
The full day journey starts with the visit of Carceri. This impressive monastery had been abolished 1690 and sold by the Republic of Venice to the noble Carminati in order to finance the war against the Ottoman Empire.  The second stop is the village of Due Carrare for the visit of the church and what still remains of the ex monastery of Santo Stefano. It was founded at the beginning of the 11th century thanks to the Da Carrara’s donations. This family ruled over Padua from 1318 to 1405 and some members had been buried in the church of the abbey. Lunch in an Agriturismo with gastronomic specialities from the territory. In the afternoon visit of San Daniele monastery, still run by a small group of Benedictine sisters and then further to Praglia for the visit of the astonishing Abbey. 

Meeting points – Abano Terme - Montegrotto Terme – Padua – Riviera del Brenta . Departure at 8.00-8.30 a.m. it depends on the place where we leave. Return at 5.30-6.00 p.m.
Transport by a small bus Iveco Panoramic for 19 passengers.
Price from 5 to 9 people     from 10 to 19   
The price includes: transport, lunch, guide and entrance fees or free offerings
Booking compulsory at nr. +39 339 3739789 or an e-mail grazianozanta@libero.it . For more infos about our tours, please enter www.zantaviaggi.com .  The excursion cancellation will be communicate at the latest one day before.
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ZantaViaggi is an incoming tour operator specialized in the organization of journey/excursion in Veneto.We give our guests the chance to visit not only famous sightseeing but also those which are hardly to be reached and less known, even if, they often reflect better  the real and most genuine spirit of Venetian culture.Enthusiasm in everything we do and Flexibility are the keywords that identify ZantaViaggi, as we own the means of transport and can organize the tours according to our guest needs.
Via Padova, 23/1
30030 - Fossò (VE)
+39 3393739789 www.zantaviaggi.com
Meer informatie
Are you ready to discover original cultural, art and nature sites in Veneto? and to taste genuine and savoury product of this area? Come with ZantaViaggi!
We arrange your accommodation: ZantaViaggi has personally visited the places (hotels-historic houses-rural farms) where the guests will stay overnight, and among the many available we have chosen those ones that should meet better our guest's requirements. Some of them are historic buildings or villas, in which  the noble Venetians spent their holiday, others are locations immersed in the nature or in a very strategic position. If request, however, we can offer a nice and comfortable hotel at the thermal area of the Euganean Hills.

We take you wherever you want: ZantaViaggi owns a Minibus Panoramic Iveco/50 for the transport of 19 passengers. It happens very often that small groups of guests want to discover the territory or some particular attractions in an original way and outside of the mass tourism itineraries. ZantaViaggi can do it! We place ourselves at the group disposal. We do not need great numbers… just those that allow us the normal or extra opening of the monuments.
About Food: In Veneto the guest can find a very wide and varied gourmet offer and among them we have chosen those restaurants, holiday farms and trattorie that allow the guest to taste genuine and high quality  wholesome food of the traditional Venetian cuisine. Fish from the lagoon, meat from the country, wine from the Euganean Hills or Prosecco from Valdobbiadene, cheese from Asiago are just a few examples of the many typical products of this Region…
Eating the food in the area where it is produced is a unique experience…..
Tour guide and Assistance: ZantaViaggi provides a continual and scrupulous assistance to the guests during the whole holiday, from their arrival (airport-railway station or own car) until their return to the same place. Often the tour will be guided by the owner himself, who is a qualified and licensed tour guide for many sightseeing of the Region. Sometimes the tour guide will be an external person or the guide inside the monument.
The Price: ZantaViaggi is in a position to offer personalized and varied tours, journey, excursions or visits at a very favourable prices because  travel organization, transport, assistance and tour guide are all carried out by the ZantaViaggi.  We offer high quality tours at very good prices. 
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