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1- THE ROOM OF GUARIENTO, A TREASURE OF THREE HUNDRED The frescoes of meeting room of Academia Galileiana, are an important testimony to the ancient splendor of the Lordship Carrarese. Salvalarte-Legambiente makes available to all the palace, in fact the purpose is to show the amazing room completely frescoed by the painter Guariento. The Room of Guariento, guarded by the Accademia Galileiana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Padua, is what remains of the  fourteenth Chapel. The town community rediscovered over the years this treasure and the city’s institutions collaborated to bring back to the ancient magnificence. 
Guariento D’Arpo was a painter hailing from Piove di Sacco and he worked in Padua for the noble family of Da Carrara. He was in Padua from 1338 and  between 1349 and 1354 he painted the antique chapel. A visitor immediately notices the western wall of the room, entirely frescoed by Guariento, which one was the right side of the private Chapel of the Princes. The attained maturity of the artist and his strong personality have been clearly expressed in the biblical scenes painted in  the continuous sequence. It can be seen in the fresh vivacity of gestures and faces of characters irradiating with sentiments. Guariento is bound to Giotto by tradition. Byzantine influences can also be noticed, in particular in the mystical long-limbed figures of the angels.
The scene narrate biblical episodes of Old Testament like: “Noah blessed by God”, “The conversation of Abraham with tree angels”, “Destruction of Sodom”, “The sacrifice of Isaac”, “Judith beheads Holofernes” and “Judgment of Solomon”.
Recently the city of Padua has candidate the frescoes to obtain recognition of Unesco human eritage.
The collaboration with Salvalarte-Legambiente makes it possible the vision of the frescoes every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The volunteers are active in the promotion of this important monument of Padua.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 12.30 you can visit the Room of Guariento. Volunteers of Salvalarte-Legambiente are available for a free charge guided tour. The addresses is Via Accademia 7, Padua. 
If you want some more information you can call the following number 049/8561212 or send an e-mail to salvalarte@legambientepadova.it or contact the secretariat of the Accademia Galileiana to the 049/655249 or write to galileiana@libero.it. 
The web site is: www.accademiagalileiana.it
  • Via Accademia 7
    Padova (PD)


The Academia Galileiana was founded in Padua in 1599. This name is in honour of Galileo Galilei, the father of modern science. He was a famous Italian astronomer and was one of the founders of the Academia in Padua. The Academia  has its location in the ancient palace of Carrara family. The Academia promotes interdisciplinary activity and culture. The Academia encourages symposiums, seminars and periodically there are traditional meetings. Library and historical archive are open to the public.
Via Accademia, 7
35139 - Padova (PD)
+390498763820 www.accademiagalileiana.it
Meer informatie
The Academia Galileiana was founded on the 25th November 1599. Its early name was Academia dei Ricovrati and then changed its name in Academia Patavina. The founder was the Abbot Federico Cornaro, but others 25 famous men were with him, among which Galileo Galilei the father of modern science. Since 1998 the name was definitively Academia Galileiana, in honour of Galileo Galilei.
The Italian academies were the result of humanism in fact they are founded for emulate ancients.
The Academia Galileiana was one of the antique academies in Italy but it has a peculiarity: it still active. This institution boast century of history and many members are and were men of culture.
The beautiful rooms of the fourteenth century palace of the Carrara family and what remains of the large and powerful complex of buildings, once the residence of the Princes and their families, are today the seat of Academia.
The library of the Academia is very rich in books, pamphlets and extracts. It is learned in periodicals, magazines, both Italians and Internationals, but also in academic publications. More than 200, Italian and foreign, institutes (European and extra-European) are connected with the Academia Galileiana and is active an exchange . The Library inherited books of Accademia Veneto-Trentino-Istriana, who stopped is activity in 1934.
In the archive, carefully ranged, are preserved precious manuscripts, ancient minutes of the meetings and documents about the constitution of the Academia.
All these publications and documents are on hand of everyone: students, academics or scholars, scientists, researchers, people keen on topic.
From 2007 the library is dedicated to Alberto Limentani; he was an  Academia’s member and a famous Italian philologist.

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