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VENETIAN TASTE AND LIFESTYLE - IN TIME WITH EXPO2015 Experience apart from Expo "Venetian taste and life-style" and be welcomed into a Venetian villa of 1700.  
A series of events that encompass several historic houses spread in the Venetian countryside, showing all that Italy has to offer in the worlds of food, architecture, music and craftsmanship. 

The first thematic evening of Venetian Taste and Lifestyle will be held in a splendid Venetian villa in the province of Vicenza, Villa Trissino Marzotto, positioned on the hill at the entrance of production Agno Valley leading to Valdagno, the famous Social City. Here you will taste local products prepared by the skilled hands of famous chefs while seated in the beautiful lounge among the famous tapestries.
The event is one of those ‘not to be missed’ for the attention to detail, to the taste and wealth of location and especially because, in collaboration with Energitismo, you can meet artists of great talent who will present their unique works, which will be offered for sale exclusively for guests of the event. The evening event will commence with cocktails in the garden and be followed by a guided tour from 1900. Following dinner, a short concert featuring an ensemble choir and orchestra will conclude the evening reception.
For those who seek a day-time event, the Villa Trissino will be open during the middle of the day when visitors can sample and purchase local wine and alimentari prepared in the Slow Food manner, view the the works by the Energitismo artisans and artists, watch artisans at their labour of passion, and tour the Villa and its fine gardens.

The Villa will be open for day-time visitors from 11:00 to 15:00 and the reception will commence with cocktails from 18:30 and conclude at 23:00
Day time dress:  smart casual.  Price: € 25 per person
Evening dress: Elegant outfits. Price € 70 per person. Taxi or shuttle service to and from the hotel can be arranged (not included).
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    trissino (VI)


ConvivioItalia is an association of people who care about the development and growth of the region through the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of the country.
The basic principles, such as respect for the land, the reception, recognition and care of the artistic heritage, become an ideal engine for the development of what is now and has always been the main resource, combined with the people themselves, and their culture creativity and craftsmanship.
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36100 - vicenza (VI)
+393313521017 www.convivioitalia.eu
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The value thrust to want to develop the ideas to promote socio culture leads us to think in entrepreneurial ways, reminding us that in addition to the art, our country is also known for a strong and widespread artisanal body and industrial focused on small and medium size companies that now more than ever, in spite of the economic difficulties, investment can be found to differentiate further room for growth.
Italy has a unique artistic heritage and landscape, as well as an entrepreneurial culture forged on creativity, craftsmanship and the cult of beauty; we call this "Italian landscape”. Entrepreneurs active in ConvivioItalia have sensed that the artistic heritage should not just represent a cost to those who have to manage, but must become the main source of production growth in the country and that's why we will work to promote business ideas that develop innovative models that have as their basis the uniqueness of the place (city, country and historic villages).
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