LA MEZZA DI TREVISO - INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON La Mezza di Treviso - International Half Marathon has obtained "international" title in the year of Expo 2015. An extraordinary race, between art and nature, which enhances the beauty of  Treviso area. The second edition of La Mezza di Treviso - International Half Marathon has obtained the title of "International Race" in the year of Expo 2015. The race organization is managed by Bettiol Sports Events, a company founded by former italian marathon champion Salvatore Bettiol. A name you can trust, because of the wide experience, both technical and organizational, of an athlete who won silver medal in 1988's New York Marathon and got fifth place at Barcelona Olympic Games. The second edition of the race has been already included in FIDAL international calendar and will take place on October 11, 2015. This chosen date is not accidental: "it's two weeks before Venice Marathon and three from the New York Marathon. As a coach -  Salvatore Bettiol says - I consider Treviso Half Marathon an ideal target for athletes who wish to run a marathon in Autumn. As an organizer, however, I recommend to come and discover a path that really enhance the beauty of these places ." Treviso is, by tradition, a  "water city". The historic town center, with its dense network of rivers and canals, it's a wonderful frame of start and arrival of this race. But second part of the race will be near water too, when athletes will enter inside the heart of the Natural Park of the River Sile, along the classic Restera, the embankment road, surrounded by nature and loved by runners.

Race starts at 9.30 from Viale d'Alviano. Arrival is in Borgo Cavour. Info and regulation at www.lamezzaditreviso.com
  • Borgo Cavour
    Treviso (TV)


Bettiol Sports Events is an association founded by former italian champion and now coach Salvatore Bettiol. It organizes national and international sport events, promoting sport practice as a lifestyle, always respecting values such education, health and well - being.
Vicolo d'Aosta 7
31040 - Volpago del Montello (TV)
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Bettiol Sports Events organizes several sport events,  La Mezza di Treviso, international competive half marathon, La Maddalena- Caprera Half Marathon in Sardinia, 10 Miglia del Montello race and a beautiful non competitive race called 5 alle 5, which takes place at dawn, along the streets of the historical centre of Treviso.
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