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WE ROLL FORM YOUR PROFILE We shape flat metal strips into profiles with either open or closed section. The strip goes through a set of forming rollers male/female which deform the metal strip step-by-step up to the final shape: imagine, it's like a flower closing down its petals instead of blooming. We plan a visit in two phases:
a) visit to the production plant
b) demonstration of the performance of a new patented product that produces electricity; it's suitable for residential buildings, office blocks, hotels, factories. It's a special type of canopy made of two parts: a stationary one and a mobile one, both covered by photovoltaic panels. The mobile part moves automatically outwards when sun shines and closes back when it's dark or with bad wather condition. 

Time table: either morning or afternoon
Time required: one hour
SIKA plant is located 25 km from Venice International Airport, 8 km from Treviso Airport, 5 km from Treviso Railway Station or from the Centre of Treviso City. 
  • Via della Pace 9
    Casier (TV)


SIKA's specialized in the cold roll-forming of metal strip which is transformed into various types of profiles: open, closed, welded, seamed or clinched. Its flexible machinery allow the use of different types of raw materials: pickled or galvanized steel, prepainted or stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys; strip thickness can vary from 0,5mm to 3,0mm.  SIKA profiles are used in several different sectors: building, photovoltaic, shelving, agriculture, formworks, automotive, etc
Kontakty Firm
Via della Pace, 9
31030 - Casier (TV)
+390422381211 www.sikaprofili.com
Dodatkowe informacje
SIKA have been operating in the field of metal forming since 1995 and is presently considered as one of the most reliable European Manufacturer of cold rolled profiles with either open or closed sections.   
SIKA  have a strong manufacturing base and a high level of technology developed thanks to several years of experience in the domestic and foreign markets. 
The success of SIKA products comes from a policy of constant technical improvements that guarantees quality care to the whole production process; starting from the design through to production, packaging and stock.  Its flexible and reliable machinery are designed to manufacture cold rolled sections in an extremely wide range of complex shapes. The raw material used consists of strips with different characteristics :
Thickness from 0,5mm to 3,0mm
Strip width 700mm
Pickled steel, galvanized or prepainted steel, stainless steel
Copper alloys 
SIKA specialise in the production of cold rolled profiles to customers’ drawings. That is the customers’ specific requests and ideas are transformed into customized designs and finally into metal sections to be then used for fabricated products belonging exclusively to the customer.
Accuracy, strict tolerances and high quality standards are the leading features of all SIKA products. A stringent control system on every stage of production along with the experience of its engineers ensures the necessary high quality of SIKA products.
Closed sections can be seamed, clinched, or welded with high frequency induction system: all systems reaching an optimum degree of closing in their respective category. The finished profiles can then be cut to different sizes with the required precision using either cutting dies or shear discs.
Punching of the sections is done with an automatic on‐line process. Holes and slots can be punched either on the flat strip prior to the forming or in the section after forming utilising a fully automatic process through an electronic check‐system.
SIKA products are used in several different sectors:
Furniture, decorations
Windows and doors
Automatic gates
Components for  automobiles, ships, etc
Lifts, escalators
Agriculture, animal breeding 
Since December 2010, Serconsult Engineering has been incorporated into SIKA. Serconsult Engineering themselves have been operating in the design and supply of roll forming machinery for over 40 years. The amalgamation of both companies has allowed Sika to have a strong manufacturing base and a high level of technology used in the cold roll‐forming of metals.
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