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SILENCE ON TOURNE / CIAK SI GIRA Art Direction: Riyad Fghani A company of passionate and creative dancers Pokemon Crew is on the top of the latest hip hop generation thanks to their fanciful and enjoyable way of dancing. In Silence, action! they explore the world of cinema through  hip hop flair.  Inspired to the greatest Hollywood musical world,  costumes and decors  recreate the athmosphere of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly's movies ;  choreography recalls their magic way of dancing.  Pokemon Crew performance celebrates the fancy and poetry of those magic movies  with a contemporary gusto for energy and acrobatics.

Date: 06 may 2015
Hour: 20.45

Sala Maggiore of Teatro Comunale città di Vicenza
Viale G. Mazzini, 39
36100 Vicenza

Tickets: http://www.tcvi.it/it/eventi/2014-2015/danza/483/silence-on-tourne-ciak-si-gira

  • Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 39
    Vicenza (VI)


Since 2007 Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza Foundation has been producing culture through performing arts. In the city of the oldest indoor theatre in the world, the new Teatro Comunale plans the future thanks to a cultural politics ibased upon the most advanced management ways in order to make Theatre the reference point for national and international  events: a place too for artistic challenges based upon research and innovation.
Kontakty Firm
Viale Mazzini, 39
36100 - Vicenza (VI)
0039 0444 327393 www.tcvi.it
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