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ON DINOSAURS' TRAILS TRACKS AND FOSSIL FOOTPRINTS OF DINOSAURS ON THE DOLOMITES AND IN THE NEIGHBOURING AREAS As evidence of their passage, dinosaurs have left a great number of footprints on the Dolomites, but no bones.
The first fossil footprints were discovered by Vittorino Cazzetta at the beginning of the 80s on the Belluno Dolomites. These footprints are preserved on a big rock (8x6 metres) fallen from the south vertical side of Mount Pelmetto.
Three trails, consisting of three-toed footprints of biped animals, are attributed to small-size therepod dinosaurs. One single biped trail is attributed to a small-size primitive ornithischian and one to a sauropod. Further footprints of dinosaurs and other vertebrates were also founded in the scree of a landslide.
At the base of the impressive sides of the Tre Cime, along the path connecting Refuge Auronzo to Refuge Locatelli, before reaching the small church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, there is a rock of principal Dolomia, measuring 2 metres of height and width.
On the surface, in particular with the light of evening, two big three-toed footprints are visible in succession. These footprints are 25 cm long and have pointed fingers, which can be attributed to the ichnogenus Eubrontes. They were left by carnivorous dinosaurs, 6 metres long, as Dilophosaurus, and with a hip of 1,5 metres of height.
The analysis with the laser scanner of the rock cast revealed two other three-toed footprints in succession. However, these are smaller and could be associated with the ichnogenus Grallator, a small therepod similar to Coelophysis

Th exhibit is open until the 31 of May during the opening time of the Museum.
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