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VERNISSAGE DEDICATED TO MIRROR DIAMOND Evening aperitif with Designer Gabriele Allegro, creator of exclusive designer pieces. In this evening will be presented to the public his latest creation: "Mirror Diamond", a mirror completely handmade by master artisans, of unparalleled beauty. At such a time sensitive to the most important issues present at EXPO this year, we wanted to give special attention not only to innovation, but also to the beauty and originality, creating a design dedicated to the woman who at this time very fragile for the planet was seen off femininity as very important element of the society in which we live.

We wanted to give value to the vitality of the woman and the energy that she constantly puts on our planet and unfortunately is not respected as they should, creating a piece of design dedicated to her, where only mirroring, in this case, in the Mirror Diamond, can regain its image enhanced, and returned her femininity. Everyone knows that the best friend of a woman is the Diamond.

The Mirror Diamond as well as being the perfect companion to a woman, it lends itself to give light and energy to precious environments and enhances the substance. It can be located in an entry luxury, in the lobby of a hotel of high class or in a prestigious office. Mirror Diamond, wherever you choose to place it, it will give added value to your home decor or situation. Come to mirroring you in the Mirror Diamond and try to feel you too precious.

The designer Gabriele Allegro will be present at all the dates of the event from 19:00 in the evening.
Throughout the day you can still admire Mirror Diamond.
For info visit the website: www.specchiodiamante.it

Those wishing to attend the event please call us or send us an e-mail not to incur disruption of turnout
  • via Altichiero 30
    padova (PD)


I am to introduce,
furnishing luxury designed and studied by myself, already sold in San Francisco, Panama, Russia, Switzerland, and of course Italy
concerned of mirror shaped diamond patented in 2010, and currently marketed by Regia Srl of Milan, built by master artisans with the unique feature of being a three-dimensional shape in scales 1: 800 1: 1000 and 1: 1200mm
Kontakty Firm
via serio 5
35135 - padova (PD)
+393409968182 www.specchiodiamante.it
Dodatkowe informacje
Graduated in Accounting, but commercial agent always I started with the food sector and then move in the industrial raw materials
I opened the first internet point of Italy in 1995 in Padua
passions: internet, sturt up, 3D printer, drones, macro economy - imports and exports, travel
in 2010 I patented the Mirror Diamond and I'm launching another 4 patents worldwide
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