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Come and visit the company from the inside!
OPEN DAYS is an initiative that TEXA created and wishes to carry on that has the precise purpose to make guests live the company’s reality for a whole day thanks to a tour to discover all the aspects and peculiarities that have made TEXA a leading company worldwide in multi-brand diagnostics. 

OPEN DAYS events consist in a complete tour of the plant in Monastier di Treviso.

Each group that will be hosted will have the possibility to interact with TEXA’s experts and gather information regarding all the news in diagnostics and how to manage the electrical components that are becoming increasingly prevalent inside vehicles.

The company is a solid example of how it is possible today to become leaders in the design, development and production of diagnostic tools and devices for remote diagnosis, maintaining the utmost respect for the environment, the territory and the landscapes in Veneto;
that is, environmental sustainability with large investments in research and innovation, keeping intact the respect for the history and long-established tradition, style and culture of Veneto excellences.
Furthermore, as the company is well aware of the fact that only thanks to training it is possible to grow professionally, the visits also include a detailed study of all the topics connected to the training courses. The visits are carried out respecting the complete and essential safety of the guests, though without affecting the quality of the work being done.

Tuesday June 9th 2015 – from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Registration request via email and confirmation following company approval.
Company information: www.texa.it
  • Via Vallio, 15
    Monastier di Treviso (TV)


TEXA was founded in 1992. Today the company is a European leader in the design, development and production of diagnostic tools and devices for the remote diagnosis of vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and marine engines. TEXA is worldwide with an extensive distribution network; through its subsidiaries it sells in Brazil, France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, Spain, the United States, Poland and Russia.
Currently there are approximately 500 TEXA employees in the world.
Kontakty Firm
Via 1 maggio, 9
31050 - Monastier di Treviso (TV)
+390422791383 www.texa.it
Dodatkowe informacje
TEXA, acronym for “Tecnologie Elettroniche X (=per) l’Automotive (Electronic technologies for the Automotive industry)”, founded in 1992 by Bruno Vianello along with his friend and partner Manuele Cavalli, is today among the world leaders in the design, development and production of multi-brand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, A/C maintenance stations and devices for the remote diagnosis, for vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, watercrafts and agricultural vehicles.
TEXA is worldwide with an extensive distribution network: through its subsidiaries it sells in Brazil, France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, Spain, the United States, Poland and Russia.
The company in Veneto (the headquarters is in Monastier di Treviso), starting off with 10 employees, had immediate success in the market which brought it to produce throughout the years approximately 600,000 sophisticated tools for diagnosis, vehicle A/C charging and exhaust gas analysis, signing important cooperation agreements with Magneti Marelli, Ducati, Johnson Controls, Sagem, Siemens, AD Parts, Gruppo Piaggio, Benelli, Pagani, Renault Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, MV Agusta, Eurorepar.
Currently there are approximately 500 TEXA employees in the world: the manpower is young (the average age is 33), 40% have a university degree and among these almost 100 are engineers and specialised technicians dedicated to Research and Development.
In 2002 TEXA becomes a Company Limited by Shares and in 2004, given the inexorable growth, it inaugurates a new building with 12,000 square metres for production in an area of 64,000 square metres overall: it is at the forefront of technology, safety and social sustainability.   
Innovation, research and development have always been the company’s guidelines for achieving ambitious results: TEXA revolutionised the market introducing the video-assist, the remote diagnosis and, in 2007, it signed an important cooperation agreement with Google Search Appliance, destined to be the base for all the new generations of its products.
In 2009 TEXA launched, as the first company in the world, a multi-brand diagnostic tool for the agricultural and nautical industries. In 2010 it is the first company to present and produce a complete range of charging stations for A/C systems compliant with the new European regulations. In 2011 TEXA presents AXONE 4, an innovative touchscreen display tool that represents the new frontier of diagnosis on vehicles. From 2012 it is the protagonist in the remote diagnosis industry also, supplying the fleets of many primary Italian and foreign companies.  
In 2012, in conjunction with its twenty-year anniversary, TEXA inaugurated, with the participation of the Minister of Labour Elsa Fornero, the new headquarters, an architectural building considered by many one of the most incredible Italian workplaces. Developed on 30,000 covered square metres within a total area of over 100,000 square metres, it represents a true monument against delocalisation and the depersonalisation of employees; inside there is a continuous alternation between highly technological workplaces and gathering areas such as the Café, theatre, restaurant and recreation room, which are tightly connected to the philosophy and architecture of local tradition. Much importance was given to green areas thanks to a 40,000 square metre park, a large roof garden full of plants and spices, and to the relaxing presence of many areas with water and fountains.      
The inspiring concept of this new headquarters was to create a place in which the employees can feel valued and motivated and able to participate to the company’s life creatively.
For this reason, the term “employees” was replaced by Bruno Vianello with the term “belongers”, to symbolise that everyone is part of a big and unique project.
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