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SAINT SIMEON’S FAIR One of the most ancient fairs dedicated to agriculture and to local land produces. One of the most ancient fairs dedicated to agriculture and to local land produces is reviving. A rich schedule of handicraft laboratories and taste itineraries of local products, with the traditional tombola (raffle) on the Square and also the “Zucca più Zucca” (literally “Pumpkin more Pumpkin”) contest- dedicated to the biggest and most curious pumpkin- is programmed for the day. In the “Campo Marzio” area, visitor can enjoy the amusement park and bovine exhibition. 

The traditional Fiera di San Simeone (Saint Simeon’s fair) scheduled for Sunday 25 October 2015, is an appointment which all Marostica inhabitants love particularly, since time immemorial. Each year, indeed, the Fair is attended by many people coming from all over the region. It is the occasion to thank and celebrate, together with babies, boys and families, the agricultural producers who, with hard work and commitment, enable us to have in our table healthy and nutrient food. At the same time the fairs represents a moment to give value and importance to our territory and its resources.

During the fair, several activities will be organized. Handicraft laboratories, tastes of local products, didactic laboratories for schools and, not to be missed, the traditional Tombola (raffle) on the square, but also the “zucca più zucca” contest, the traditional Bovine exhibition of “Rendena race bovines” and the Mushroom exhibition, managed by the association “Mondo Rurale” (Rural World) and the association Bresadola.

The Marostica Restaurants will propose the initiative “Oca e Marzemino” (Duck and Marzemino Wine), not only with a menu based on duck in the local restaurants, but also with an imposing spit that will be possible to taste on the square during the day of Sunday, by the stand of the Confcommercio (Trade association).The Confartigianato and Coldiretti (the Handicraft Association and farmer’s association, respectively) will present on the square their activity through laboratories and exhibitions.

Other associations will organize some entertainment on the city centre; in particular, The Protezione Civile (Civil defence) will arrange a proper “citadel”, with culinary kiosks and educative role-play for babies. The Pro Marostica association, collaborating with the group “I Cialtroni” (the…) will introduce some activities dedicated to the old crafts of 19th and 20th century, but also music breaks, to conclude with the Tombola ( raffle) at 6 p.m.

Many people and realities are collaborating to the event: Pro Marostica, a valid and careful organization support for the Municipality, the Confartigianato, Coldiretti and Confcommercio, the Protezione Civile, the Association of breeders of Rendena Race, the association “Mondo Rurale” and “Terra e Vita” (Earth and Life), the association of beekeepers Comunità montana (Mountain community), the group of blood donors and the association against cancer of Marostica.

Sunday 25 October

Piazza degli scacchi (Chess Square) and Campo Marzio- Marostica

Free admission

Turism department of Marostica municipality – turismo@comune.marostica.vi.it

Pro Marostica - promotion association – info@marosticascacchi.it – phone +39042472127
  • Piazza Castello, 1
    Marostica (VI)


Associazione Pro Marostica, presided over by Cinzia Battistello, is member of UNPLI (Italian Pro Loco National Union). It handles the organization of  the Human Chess Game, a historical event which takes place every two years in the second week end of September.
The touristic promotion of the town is one of Pro Marostica's most outstanding activities, for which it organizes performances, cultural and wine-and-food events.
Kontakty Firm
Piazza Castello, 1
36063 - Marostica (VI)
+39 0424 72127 www.marosticascacchi.it
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