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VEGAN- VEGETARIAN FESTIVAL “VIVO E VEGETO” “Vivo e Vegeto” is a project aimed at promoting the fertile territory of Lusia. It promotes diet and nutrition awareness, more specifically  the VEGETARIAN- VEGAN lifestyle through the gastronomic delicacies, put together using products exclusively from the BIO vegetable gardens of Lusia. Evening Gala events and Dinner buffets based on VEGETARIAN- VEGAN cuisine. Entertaining shows, conventions and seminars, vegan cooking lessons with cooking shows. Mini street markets with BIO products and natural cosmetics.

The event promotes HEALTHY FOOD NUTRITION and EDUCATION, WELL BEING and a CLEAN LIFESTYLE. The project starts with the observation of the natural gardens, goes on teaching theorical notions to understand the natural landscape, to be able to finally work materially with the fruits of our soil. This project works on a socio-cultural and ethical-environmental level, aiming to reach a series of objectives, such as:
  • Rediscovery of the value and sacrality of our land
  • Working in groups, socializing and creating opportunities of conviviality and recreation
  • Experiencing natural raw products and materials
  • Rediscovery of the natural dimension and the acknowledgement of the cicles of growth, developement and transformation of natural products during the different seasons
  • Developing of an eco-friendly conscience
  • Understanding biodiversity
  • Educating ourselves about the natural landscape
  • Understanding the importance of ethical consumerism
  • Learning about healthy and eco-compatible nutrition
  • Sharpen the use of all of our senses

For more information and updates about the event visit vivoevegetofestival.wordpress.com
  • Via Provvidenza 25
    Lusia (RO)


Pro Loco is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, independent non-profit organization. It aims at promoting social and tourist activities, shining a light on the natural, cultural, historical, folkloristic and eno-gastronomic realities of the area of Lusia. It also promotes cultural and recreative events, organizes meetings, concerts and seminars.
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Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1
45020 - Lusia (RO)
+393475133289 www.prolocolusia.it
Dodatkowe informacje
Since its establishment, the Pro Loco of Lusia has always focused on promoting local VEGETABLES, taking part in exhibition shows and fairs, and establishing a didactic approach to the employment of the vegetable gardens in schools. It also valorizes the territory, organizing guided “Walks through the gardens” to show how unique the area of Lusia is, but also conventions and seminars where topics like BIODIVERSITY and rural tourism are treated.
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