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THE GIANT FORM OF “FORMAGGIO DELLA TRANSUMANZA” (CHEESE OF TRANSHUMANCE) Latterie Vicentine celebrates Transhumance by cutting the “Cheese of Transhumance”: one giant form weighs over 1000 kg. The company, leader in the production of cheese Asiago Dop, in September , opens the doors of his seat of Bressanvido (Vicenza) for the “Great Feast of Latterie Vicentine”.
The daytime, reached its third edition, offers a rich program of activities which frame the clou event, the cutting of the giant form, produced to celebrate the arrival of the famous Bressanvido's Transhumance. Free tasting for all and possibility to buy this unique cheese; each year the proceeds is donated to an association with social purposes.
Since the morning a rich program of activities which takes place on the square in front of the head office of Latterie Vicentine: for the little ones laboratories of educational farms, carriage ride, ludobus of fairies to play, inflatables, face painting and.... the games of Latterie: ability tests for children and adults with the target shooting, obstacle courses, estimating the weight of the cheese and many other cheerful competitions.
There will be a marketplace of Coldiretti, antique tractors and agricultural equipment, and provided point of caterring.
During the day you can attend at "live" production of cheese and you will have the opportunity to try it for yourself the experience of producing the cheese through a practical laboratory "Cheesemaker for an hour", guided by a master cheese maker. In collaboration with the City of Bressanvido there are guided tours to the Risorgive and in the park of Villa Mezzalira.
Valuing the surrounding area, raise awareness of the peasant world, giving a cheerful day for adults and children, and of course to enjoy our cheese, fruit of the daily work of the 400 members that make up the Latterie, all this concentrated in one Sunday of celebration.

Home Latterie Vicentine, Via San Benedetto, 19, Bressanvido (VICENZA)

Period: October 4th.
Schedule of Events:
Beginning at 10:30 end 19:00
From 10:30 to 12:30 in the morning, afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00 Guided tours to the Risorgive and to the park of Villa Mezzalira.
11:00: Cheese making external and practical laboratory with "Cheesemaker for an hour”
From 11:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 19:00 Games of Latterie Vicentine
From 14:00 to 19:00 Ludobus with the fairies for the game
14:30: Practical laboratory "Cheesemaker for an hour"
15:30: Cutting the giant form "Cheese of Transhumance", and tasting for all.
  • Via San Benedetto, 19
    bressanvido (VI)


Latterie Vicentine is a cooperative society rooted in the territory of Vicenza and Padova. Every day we work about 3.000 hl, collected at the plants of our 400 members. We are the largest pole of Asiago DOP (PDO Protected Designation of Origin) chees with an annual production of around 340.000 forms of Asiago Fresco (Asiago Fresh) and 40.00 forms of Asiago Stagionato (Asiago Seasoned). We also produce annually about 50.000 forms of Grana Padano and other milk products to complete the range.
Kontakty Firm
via S. Benedetto, 19
36050 - Bressanvido (VI)
+39 0444 1425000 www.latterievicentine.it
Dodatkowe informacje
Latterie Vicentine is a cooperative society leader in the territory for the production and distribution of milk and its derivatives. Was founded in 2001 from the fusion of two historical realities of the province of Vicenza, Alvi Bassano and Schio Latte, which successively had inherited the legacy of the many small local cooperatives of production of raw milk of mountains, hills and plains.
Latterie Vicentine s.c.a. produces an average of 3.000 hectoliters of milk worked every day (for almost all Vicenza) . It has about 400 associated farms. The turnover of the year 2013 amounted in total 70 millions euro.
The production plants are two: Bressanvido and Bassano del Grappa.
Each year produces 340.000 forms of Asiago Fresco to which are added 40.000 forms of cheese Asiago Stagionato and 50.000 forms of Grana padano cheese.
The liters of fresh high quality milk distributed each year to families of Vicenza are 15 millions. And this numbers are set to grow: Latterie Vicentine is oriented and destined for the strong and rapid development.
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