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A SMALL CORNER OF FRENCH IN ITALY Cooking class Croissant & Brioche
Practical course to learn how to prepare delicious brioche and croissants. Using flour of excellent quality, we will learn to knead, stringing, pirlare and browse.
The result will be amazing.

Saturday, 09.05.2015 from 14.30 to 18.30, all materials will be provided by us.
For info and registration associazione.saporiedissapori@gmail.com
Erica: 349.4585808
Marianna: 346.7998660
  • Via Valli
    Vighizzolo d'Este (PD)


Cultural and recreational activities related to wine, courses and workshops to education and practice acts for the proper nutrition
Kontakty Firm
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 78/C
3542 - Este (PD)
+393494585808 associazionesaporiedissapori.blogspot.it
Dodatkowe informacje
The Association aims at the promotion, preservation and dissemination of traditional Italian recipes. Meets the cooks at home, not professionals, from all regions of Italy; all women who are passionate about food, who want to create a network to preserve the immense wealth of culinary traditions and to tell through the recipes, the stories of the families, of the territory, local products, the work of producers, all those with their activities' in the field of food and wine or with their resourcefulness, want to make party to them.The preserve the roots, teach children, the smell of food, dignify the profession of woman cooking. Create an exchange between cultures and recipes in the world, because the food combining, teaches, entertains and creates lavoro.L'associazione wants to bring in Italy and abroad, culture and love for one's origins, organizing events, events, tastings, cooking classes, and any other activities' that can bring together the cook, who tastes, those who produce.
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