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TASTING THE TORCELLO THE TYPICAL ARTICHOKE In the House Museum Andrich, the most beautiful garden and educational farm on the island of Torcello, faces on the Rose’s Lagoon, where you can see flamingos, surrounded by an orchard garden with 87 different species. Tasting our fresh artichokes from our  garden in Casa Museo Andrich. It is open to the public on the occasion of Expo 2015. This is the place where the autumn leaves turn yellow and darken Salicornia. Where winter is pungent, and spring is a promise. If you try to listen to it paddling between the sandbanks, the silence seems to have a voice only understood by the 10 inhabitants of Torcello. Paolo Andrich lives on this island by farming. About ten years ago he decided to change his life and settle down here to grow purple artichokes and wait for the fruits of jujubes, chestnuts, oaks, pines and kernels that under the beating of wings of flamingos and herons reminiscent sanctifying the slowness. Those who come from outside feed their eyes to the universe of this wonderful lagoon, loved by Hemingway, especially in the period when he stayed at the inn Cipriani to write "Across the River and into the Trees." "House Andrich" is easy to reach: you go down with the boat until Torcello and after a few steps an arrow invites you to turn left and take a path overgrown. Many end up there by chance. Read the sign "tour, 12 euro". Ring the bell and Andrich opens the gate to this paradise. "From here we understand how was Venice, you can imagine how the old town was without the buildings." Paolo Andrich starts  the guided tour accompanying the tourists on the green hillock of his garden, where you find greater theater of the Venetian lagoon. "Velma, saltmarsh and island: the three levels of the lagoon emerge and disappear with the tides and are the foundations of Venice and the surrounding islands." Paolo is an urban planner, he was born in Switzerland, in Biel Bienne,  he is bilingual Italian and French, speaks good English, lived in France for work. Paolo traveled around the world and he is a missed actor for those who listen to him reciting the lyrics of Andrea Zanotto. In 2003, with the death of his uncle, the artist Lucio Andrich, he dropped everything and decided to come to live in Torcello, in this island, chosen by his uncle and his aunt Clementina De Luca just to dedicate themselves to art, they passed away in 1982. In the house where Paolo lived his childhood, and where he lives today as the heir of the artist, there are boxes full of old photographs, sprouting frames, hanging wires, laundry, sculptures, leaning trees, paintings that take shape among olive trees and tables of students. Lucio Andrich, a native of Agordo, he was a mosaic professor that used to teach in the Academy of Fine Arts and then a sculptor, painter, engraver, glass artisan and author of more than 1300 works cradled by sandbanks and serve as an inspiration to Clementina for years, surrounded by the greenery and the quietness of Torcello, taking the works of her husband to her silk inspiration. Now the rich treasure of these works created between the sun, the wind and the unpredictability tides, is guarded by his nephew, who became a farmer from a town planner.  Paolo turned Casa Andrich into an educational farm, next to the purple artichoke flowers, very appreciated by the tourists. He recognizes the long and intense work of an artist who loved Venice. Casa Andrich is a true artist's house, where the glasses are copper bottom decorated, the walls of the rooms are covered with tapestries and the fireplace is the battleground of an army of wooden soldiers. There are suitcases full of embroidered silks and engravings of Lucio Andrich who intended to illustrate an Ezra Pound’s book, a poet who died too early without even withdraw them. Tourists who come here taste the life of one of ten inhabitants of Torcello, the only farmer remained on the island and one of the protagonists of the documentary "Habitat", that three young directors Venetians will run in a year.

Throughout the entire month of May
everyday from Monday to Friday
11:30 am

to book at the Circuit House vivaticket, please type Andrich
You can reach the island of Torcello with the ACTV line 12, from Venice Fondamenta Nuove or Treporti / Punta Sabbioni at 12:10 and 12:40 
  • Isola di Torcello 4/L
    Venezia (VE)


Andrich House is a Museum-house, where the artists Lucio Andrich and Clementina De Luca lived. There is a display around 1300 artworks of these two artists. There are some video samples visiting the web http://lucioandrich.com. House Andrich is an educational farm and a garden as well with an extension of 11.000 square meters. It has an overlook direct to the Rose’s Lagoon . 
Kontakty Firm
Isola di Torcello
30142 - Venezia (VE)
041735542 www.museoandrich.it
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 It offers some tasteful products that grow up in this land  In addition you can enjoy the flamingos season (from March to September), just 50 meters away. It is just the best place to enjoy this spectacle.
The guided tour  can  be in Italian, French or English language and it lasts around 50 minutes. Open every day. Access for groups up to 20 people in the morning from 10:30 am  or 11: 30 am  and in the afternoon  starting at14:30 pm,  15: 30, 16: 30 and 17:30.
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