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FROM MILK TO CHEESE During the period of Expo 2015, our casaro will show you what derives from milk! In a familiar atmosphere, in the Italian mountains of Belluno, in contact with nature and animals, Nonno Nino (grandfather Nino), casaro since many many years, will show you how to produce cheese, butter and ricotta from genuine milk, using the old traditional method of production.

He will tell you about his life in the mountain with his animals, narrating you also stories of difficulties and pains.

Thanks to Expo Milano, you can taste the milk products of Nonno Nino, converse with him and drink an excellent glass of milk or wine!

Here, there is the possibility to have a walk lost in nature, see animals in their natural environment and, why not, have a natural snack in the farm holiday!

The demonstrations of milk processing will last about two hours, starting from 09.00 am.

How to participate?
Calling the following number +39 338 38 05 043 (within the night before the visit), or informing the travel bureau of Selva di Cadore.

Participation is for free.


The Farm Belot deals with raising cattle and dairy goats, processing and sale of dairy products. In the winter months, October / May we find in places Ronche in the municipality of La Valle Agordina province of Belluno and in the summer months the activity takes place in Malga Fontanafreda on Staulanza in the town of Selva di Cadore. In the summer months as well as the processing and sale of local products, the hut can be sampled at the farm all our products.
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Our family has been in this business for four generations.
Since 1970, the father and mother are run in the summer pastures and since 2009 the son De Nardin Walter, owner of the company, with the help of the whole family opened the new barn in La Valle Agordina where hosts seventy cattle purebred red spotted, about fifty lactating, forty dairy goats, two mares and several farm animals.
The company is located at a small dairy for processing milk with adjoining store. Towards the beginning of June the whole family and the animals are transferred to Malga Fontanafreda to Staulanza in the municipality of Selva di Cadore (Belluno) where all animals go every day to the pastures.
Here you make the milk processing and selling and also find attached a Farm always managed by the family where you can taste the products:
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