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SEPTEMBER IN CHIUPPANO AND GRAN FONDO OF THE BREGONZE HILLS 2015 A great range of shows in the town of Chiuppano in the Pedemontana Vicentina. For the whole month of September there will be several cultural and sport events, aiming at the promotion and advertisement of this territory. Located in the heart of the Pedemontana Vicentina, Chiuppano and the Bregonze hills are the perfect place for bikers and runners, who can find here great paths and panoramic trails all over the hills.
In September there is one more chance to to get to know this town. From the beginning of the month there will be the so called "Settembre Chiuppanese", a major cultural event which includes social and art shows along with adverstisement of the territory, spreading the beauty of the town's art and culture. Here you can find every kind of event: initiatives to discover the surrounding nature, concerts, wine-and-food tasting, games for kids and all kinds of sport.

The bycicle race for amateurs, the Gran Fondo delle Bregonze, is one of the main events and it is valid for the Province Championship Granfondo and Megafondo 2015. There are 2 possible routes, 97 km and 144 km long, along which great landscapes of the Pedemontana Vicentina can be seen.

See the full program for September in Chiuppano 2015 at site
All initiatives are organized by the Municipality, in collaboration with local groups and associations.

Gran Fondo of the Bregonze hills: Sunday 20th of Septembr 2015
Starts at 9:00 am in Chiuppano (Vicenza)
Routes: short 97km - long 144 km
For information and sign-up: www.granfondobregonze.it

Less than 3 hours from Milan Expo 2015.
  • Piazza S. Daniele n° 1, 36010
    Chiuppano (VI) (VI)


The association Pedemontana.Vi Turismo was created in 2002 and it deals with tourism promotion and development of the hills of the Vicenza area. This area includes 87 towns and it is located at the heart of the Venetian hills, a place where art, history, venetian villas, old hamlets, amazing landscapes, wine and food come together. A combination which makes the tourist package of the "Pedemontana e Colli" entirely unique.
Kontakty Firm
Piazzetta Rossi n. 17
36016 - Thiene (VI)
+39 0445804837 www.pedemontanavicentina.com
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A unique heritage, consisting of Venetian villas, historical villages, country parishes and ancient chapels, museums, ossuaries and evidence of the World War I, is located here in a portion of land which includes 87 municipalities. The renowned territory of the Pedemontana Vicentina offers several options of entertainment: hikes in the nature, activities for children, historical re-enactments and wine-and-food events.

Magical experiences are waiting for you among marvellous landscapes of the Vicenza hills and the Pedemontana Veneta, a land which extends from the Verona hills with the Valpolicella, to the Illasi valley in Soave and the Lessini hills, going through the Vicenza area with its Berici hills, the Agno valley and the Chiampo valley, Schio and the Leogra valley, Thiene and the Astico and Posina valleys, up to the Brenta valley and cities like Bassano del Grappa and Marostica, then through the Euganei hills to reach the Treviso area with Asolo and the Mount Grappa, Montebelluna, the wood of Montello and Valdobbiadene up to Vittorio Veneto and the left bank of the Piave river.

This area is particularly suitable for an active holiday, riding your bikes or playing golf or even flying with the paraglider. The territory was involved in WWI and still carries uforgettable traces of the war; it is rich in exquisite local food and drinks with its 9 wine routes, along which you can taste famous DOC wines like Amarone and Prosecco but also Vespaiolo and Torcolato of Breganze.
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