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"NEPAL, NOT ONLY MOUNTAINS" Cultural events  "Oltre le porte" - organized by Comune di Santo Stefano di Cadore, San Pietro di Cadore.
With Provincia di Belluno-Regione Veneto- Reteventi Regione Veneto-Biblioteca Comunale di Santo Stefano di Cadore-Consorzio Turistico Val Comelico Dolomiti-NuovoCadore.it-Dolomites Unesco LabFest

A travel across Nepal before the earthquake of April: special guests Rosanna Quandel and the gospel choir Sole Note
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July, Thu. 23rd 2015 - at 21.00 - Sala della Magnifica Regola di Campolongo (BL) - free entrance
The event will be held in Italian language
  • Magnifica Regola Via Nazionale 46
    Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL)


Municipality of Santo Stefano di Cadore (Belluno)
Kontakty Firm
Piazza Roma 38
32045 - Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL)
+39043562305 www.santostefanodicadore.info
Dodatkowe informacje
Santo Stefano di Cadore (908 at sea level) is one of the 5 Municipalities of Comelico Valley. It's located in a green valley, surrounded by meadows and wood, right at the confluence of  stream Padola into the river Piave. Santo Stefano is close to important mountains of the Dolomites, such as Mount Tudaio (2140 m), Krissin (2503 m), Aiarnola (2456 m) and Popera (2513 m).
Santo Stefano di Cadore is also a Holiday resort: in winter it is easy to reach all the Ski areas nearby. Actually Comelico Valley is the homeland of many champions of the cross-country ski: Maurilio De Zolt, Silvio Fauner and Pietro Piller Cottrer.
In summer, there is an countless choice of hikes to do among the wood, the paths of Valgrande, Val Popera and Val Visdende.
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