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Consorzio Radiotaxi Veneto

Via Piave 208 - Venezia - Mestre (VE)

Tel: +390415951636 strona:
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The Consortium Radiotaxi Veneto has instituted a unique number 199 48 49 50 activating a call center can provide the search for a taxi service in the city of Padua, Rovigo, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, and in agreement to the single cabs the lagoon of Venice. One number 33 88 44 2000 to send a text message, without expectations, to search for taxi service in the city contracted, the service is designed with special attention to people with deaf-mutism. (In the body of the message must be printed as the first word you will have the city of Veneto where you require the service, and the exact address of pick-up). Taxi transfer service with cars equipped and tested to transport non-ambulatory persons, on the whole territory. An advanced technology platform for those who want to create their own taxi or manage it, through a dedicated application in use on all smartphone operating systems with apple or android denomitata appTaxi registered trademark in all EU countries.

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