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MONTAGNANA TREAT! A large demonstration in honour of the Venetian Euganeo Berico DOP Ham Sweet and with a delicate perfume and that light pinkcolour that sets it apart from all the others. This is the Venetian Euganean Berico DOP ham, a typical product of Montagnana, a walled town in the lower Padua area, which is still made according to the methods of artisan traditions.

From 15th to 24th May  the streets of the old town centre of the splendid medieval city of Montagnana will host gastronomic stalls where visitors can taste typical local products, including the famous DOP ham but also wines and cheeses; in addition in the central square there will be the antique and local crafts market, as well as a rich programme of entertainment and music.

Restaurants and bars will offer typical menus based on the ham Prosciutto Veneto DOP, and a guided visit will enable visitors to learn more about the town and its history.

Week days: dalle 19 alle 24
High days: dalle 10 alle 24
tel +39 049 8070288 
email: info@festadelprosciuttoamontagnana.it
Free admission, wine & food tasting with fee.
  • piazza vittorio emanuele
    Montagnana (PD)


The Veneto Region is one of the world's most well-known and coveted tourist locations. It is Italy's most welcoming region and holds first place in terms of tourist numbers. Thanks to its cultural heritage, landscapes and the great variety of environments and ecosystems, the Region is able to meet a wide range of needs and offer visitors a multitude of different opportunities: from artistic tourism to seaside resorts, from spas to sporting facilities, from mountains to countryside.
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Via Torino 110
30172 - Mestre (VE)
0412795402 www.veneto.to
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