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Drinking water is a limited resource: what are the modalities of reclamation and treatment that make it available for human consumption? Four days of conferences and debates, promoted by eAmbiente in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, will try to answer this question.
PLANET WATER is a series of scientific-professional events that eAmbiente promotes from May to October 2015 in the context of AQUAE VENICE 2015.
Planet Water has chosen the water drop as the key symbol of the event that signifies the need for our attention in order to protect this resource, drop by drop. Every drop characterizes a specific event characterized by precise themes and commodities sectors.
The Blue Drop is the third event of Planet Water, whose precedents are Green Drop and White Drop, and will have as core theme drinkable water, with specific attention to urban development connected with the uses of water resource.
Blue Drop – “Water as key network for urban development”
October 7 – 10
The event, in collaboration with Federutility, EurEau and International Water Association, focuses on water extraction, distribution and treatment and is mainly addressed to companies operating in water supply and distribution, desalinization and purification. There will be also companies of polluted aquifer reclamation, water monitoring, sewage disposal plants. Moreover, in-depth analysis on adjustments to climate changes will be made.
PLANET WATER will also develop technical tours in excellent examples of water engineering for purification, fish farming, requalification and protection from high water.

The event takes place in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, collateral exhibition of Expo, by which is patronized, hosted in the new multifunctional pavilion “Expo Venice” in Venice – Marghera, with entry in Via Galileo Ferraris.
Located near Ponte della Libertà, which connects the old town center with the mainland, the pavilion is easily accessible by car and public transportation, with bus and train stops near the pavilion itself.

The event takes place in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, exhibition and side event of Expo Milan, scheduled in the new multifunctional pavilion of Venice – Marghera.

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Expo Venice is the main private operator of Venice in designing and developing events. The focus of the activities concerns the organization of trade fairs related to passions and recreation (boating, flying, movies, and cultural events). Moreover, Expo Venice supports companies for the organization in Venice of congresses, conferences as well as advertising and marketing campaigns.
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