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What will be the sustainable development policies that will be able to face the increasing water request? The core theme of the international convention, promoted by Unesco in the context of Aquae, develops from this question.
Geopolitical implications of water resource, the fight against poverty and desertification, the aware use of water are the principal themes of the international convention promoted by Unesco in Venice, in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, collateral exhibition of Expo Milan 2015, the 22nd and 23rd of May. The convention deals with the contents of the World Water Development Report, world previewed in New Delhi, March 20, 2015.
The report that the Unesco World Water Assessment Programme (UN-WWAP) will present in Delhi during the “World Water Day” and will be subject of the international convention, open to general public, of Aquae Venice 2015, collateral event of Expo 2015, is named “Water for a Sustainable World” and is focused on the three sustainable development dimensions – economy, society and environment.
The convention, coordinated by international caliber representatives of research and economy world, is an opportunity to analyze the challenges and change factors that world community will have to face until 2050. In this date, the water request will probably increase by 55%, because of the increasing industrial demand, the use for energy production, but also the increase of domestic use due to population growth.
Besides the presentation of the current challenges and changes, during the convention hypothesis of solutions and successful case histories, both local and global, will be presented.

The event takes place in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, collateral exhibition of Expo, by which is patronized, hosted in the new multifunctional pavilion “Expo Venice” in Venice – Marghera, with entry in Via Galileo Ferraris.
Located near Ponte della Libertà, which connects the old town center with the mainland, the pavilion is easily accessible by car and public transportation, with bus and train stops near the pavilion itself.

The event takes place in the context of Aquae Venice 2015, exhibition event, collateral to Expo Milan, scheduled in the new multifunctional pavilion of Venice – Marghera.

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