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ANTICA FIERA DEL SOCO – THE LARGE LOCAL FESTIVAL FOLLOWING THE VENETIAN TRADITION The most ancient and famous Fair in Veneto. In the heart of the Region, halfway between Vicenza and Padova, an entire week of events dedicated to commerce, culture, wine and food and show, on the furrow of the evolving ancient rural tradition "The Fiera del Soco in the village of Grisignano, territory half of Padua and half of Vicenza…”. This is what can be read in the most antique official document in which the Antica Fiera del Soco is mentioned, dated 1555: an event that taked its origind in the votive celebration launched in 1267 remembering the appearance of Virgin Mary in the countryside between Grisignano and Arlesega.
For centuries the Fair and Grisignano are the natural frontier and communication point between the territories of Vicenza and Padua both geographically and socially, culturally and economically speaking.
Grisignano is the “Meeting Land” and the Fair period is the moment in which this vocation matarializes in the best possible way: in these days of September a small village of almost 5000 inhabitants turns itself into a sort of “virtual county seat” of Veneto, summoning over the course of en entire week (from Friday to Thursday) up to one million visitors.
Why do so many people participate in this event, the “unmissable” appointment of the end of summer? Here’s a list of the principal reasons of attraction:
1. Shopping and curiosity. A 10 kilometers long path with almost 500 stands where to browse searching for products, services, special offers and rarities of all sorts. Moreover, the indoors Exhibition (4000 sm) is held for over thirty years, with 150 exhibitors from all over Italy representing every kind of commodities sector.
It is exactly from this “boundless” commercial offer that was born the popular common sense: “ghe xé de tuto come aea Fiera del Soco.” (“there is everything, like to the Fiera del Soco”).
Guests of honor from the 2014 are the Colli Berici and the Colli Euganei (Berici and Euganei Hills), that have choosen the Fair of Grisignano to present all together their own wine and food excellences and their numerous tourist attractions.
2. Wine and food. 3000 sqm of culinary stands – the six renowned “baracche del Soco” – that offer both the tastes of the Venetian tradition and novel proposals, allowing the social voluntary associations of the territory to finance their activities. In addition to the “baracche”, tens of kiosks offer a variety of street food that comes from the different Italian regions and the visitors can find also some “flavor islands” with typical Venetian excellences: the “Piazza dei Sapori” (Tastes Square), with specialties like the Isola della Scala’s rice, the Baccalà alla Vicentina and the market of locally produced dairy products.
3. Fun and culture. Every night three different show areas offer live performances (Union Rock, Country Festival and “Area Oro” with Latin American and Caribbean music, Zumba and ballroom dance). For the kids (of every age…) there is the unmissable appointment with the large amusement park hosting more than 70 carousels. There are many special events every day: the Historic Pageant of the Middle Ages, the Trucks, Vespas and Vintage Cars and Motorcycles meetings; the 1000 Miles Pageant; the Equestrian Shows. Particular effort is dedicated to the enhancement of the rural traditions and culture with the Educational Farm, the exhibitions-laboratory of the Ancient Crafts, while during the traditional Luni (Monday) del Soco the ancient custom of the cattle market is annualy renewed.

Antica Fiera del Soco - september 2015, from 11 to 17.
Free entrance for visitors every day and night.

- september 11, FRI: 18.00 - 00.30
- september 12, SAT: 15.00 - 00.30
- september 13, SUN: 08.00 - 00.30
- september 14, MON: 06.00 - 00.30
- from september 15 (TUE), to semptember 17 (THUR): 16.00 - 00.30. Great closing fireworks show.

7 great parking areas, with a little fee (2.50 / 3 Euro) in order to finance many voluntary associations (social, cultural and sport)

How to reach Grisignano di Zocco:
- Highway A4 Brescia-Padova: Grisignano Exit.
- Regional Route 11 Vicenza-Padova
- railway station of Grisignano di Zocco (distance from the Fair approx. 5 km)
  • piazza Europa Unita
    Grisignano di Zocco (VI) (VI)


Antica Fiera del Soco srl is a society created by the Municipality of Grisignano di Zocco (VI)  in order to organize and manage the big trade fair that every year for an entire end-summer week, in this village of almost 5000 inhabitants, halfway between Padova and Vicenza, summons up to one million visitors.
The Fair takes its origins in the Middle Ages (1267) and with the flow of the centuries it developed highlighting more and more the Venetian wine and food, productive and cultural excellences
Contatos das Empresas
Piazza Europa Unita, 7
36040 - Grisignano di Zocco (VI)
0444614891 www.fieradelsoco.it
Informações adicionais
Antica Fiera del Soco srl works all over the year to organize in Grisignano di Zocco the Ancient Fair that, according to a many-centuried tradition, always takes place in the week that corresponds to the first Monday following the 8th of September.
The society, coordinated by an unique manager, results from an emission by the Municipality of Grisignano di Zocco, that furthermore arranges for the designation of the Board of Directors.
The Marketing, Administrative and the Press offices work 365 days a year in the organization, management and promotion of the event.
The entire community of Grisignano is involved in it through the many voluntary associations (social, cultural and sport) that during the week of the Fair offer to the visitors the services of catering, parking, hospitality and entertainment.
The event is officially supported by the Veneto Region, the Province of Vicenza, the Province of Padova, the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza, the Chamber of Commerce of Padova, thanks to their sponsorship.
The offices of the Fair are located in Europa Unita square in Grisignano di Zocco, inside the recently redeveloped bulding that in the past hosted the Elementary School.
www.fieradelsoco.it - www.facebook.com/fieradelsoco
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