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THE JOURNEY / IL VIAGGIO – EXPO 2015 - 3RD OCTOBER / 24TH OCTOBER – GALLERIA CASTELLANO ARTE CONTEMP Eleven artists travel with us in this fifth and last exhibition sponsored by Expo 2015.
It is a journey into ourselves which prompts a reflection on the human condition.

This is the fifth and last exhibition sponsored by Expo Veneto 2015. The journey into contemporary art offered by the Castellano gallery ends with these eleven artists. A journey made of waiting and hope, searches and discoveries, mystery and fantasy. This exhibition strives to conceive reality as if it were made of multiple tassels which are all part of the same mosaic. In every tassel and in every artist there is an immense universe of fantasy and colour, to which each of them contributes. The exhibition seeks, in particular, to invite a personal reflection in its public based on one certainty: art can break any barrier or geographic border.

Monica Campanelli, Rome 1968. Painter and art critic.
Monica’s painting explores the female world: women’s feelings, emotions, reactions, fears, joys and sufferings. She aims straight for body and mind.

Mario Carlin, Dolo 1977, lives in Mira. Sculptor.
The artist underscores the contradictions inherent to mankind by working on iron, steel, lead and glass. He seeks to draw a connecting line between the thinking man and nature, a monarch which holds sway over all living beings.

Rox Piridda (Rossella Di Dio), Enna 1978, lives in Turin. Painter, photographer and musician.
By photographing self-portraits the artists expresses the difficulties of relationships, which result in a profound existential suffering – a suffering which is trapped within, so that even screams are muffled, and cannot escape.

Alessia Francescato, Cittadella (Padua), lives in Piombino Dese (Padua). Painter and sculptor.
Hers is a figurative art research wavering between matter and spirituality, visible and invisible. The most evident elements are ceaseless tension, sacrifice, beauty and provocation.

Alessia Gatti, Rovigo 1978, lives in Orzinuovi (Brescia).
The artist takes letters and words from the crossword puzzles her mother used to solve, and she recovers, re-elaborates and reassembles them through careful, creative collage, endowing them with new meanings and new visions.

Roberto Marconato, Piombino Dese (Padua) 1953.
His research has attained a personal blend of Trash Art and Dadaism (creative freedom in shapes and materials). His ideas are realised through compositions enclosed in iron cages which signify the historic period in which we live, in social, moral, cultural, ethical and religious terms.

Andrea Mazzucato, Dolo (Venice) 1979, lives in Mira (Venice). Painter.
Andrea employs photography and highly tactile painting to give shape to perspectives and surreal, dream-like flights. Thus deserted cities return to life, consumed by time and their own matter, lived in and then forgotten.

Irma Paulon, Rovigo 1962, lives in Asolo (Treviso). Painting and installations.
Through her glass, resin and Plexiglas installations Irma invites mindfulness and a receptive attitude towards the Other. For her, art is a universal language and goes beyond the cultural differences that hinder and divide, leading to misunderstandings and unhappiness.

Monika Pirone, Rome 1965. Scenic design, video art, painting.
Monika tackles the theme of history and reminds us that only by knowing our roots we can look towards the future. Only by accepting the mistakes, faults and evolutions of our predecessors can we face what the future has in store for us.

Lisa Perini, Treviso 1973. Painting, sculpture and installations.
Lisa’s world is simple yet complex, intimate yet open to the outside. She analyses reality and divests it of any hypocrisies in order to recreate it, breathing the rhythm of poetry into it. Lisa is concerned with preserving nature and believes in a better world.

Giuseppe Toscano, Sant’Anastasia (Naples) 1956, lives in Terracina (Latina). Painter and sculptor.
Toscano focuses his artistic research on social issues, concentrating on the female figure. His art is populated by ethereal, impalpable presences, evanescent figures in whom one reads torments, grief, waiting and a thin thread of hope.

Inauguration: Saturday 3rd October, 5pm

Monica Campanelli, Mario Carlin, Rox Piridda, Alessia Francescato, Alessia Gatti, Roberto Marconato, Andrea Mazzucato, Irma Paulon, Monika Pirone, Lisa Perini,
Giuseppe Toscano.
Presentation: Luigina Mazzocca, with the artists’ own contributions

courtesy of “Le Corti”, Via Roma 37 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Catalogue avaible at the exhibition: GS Stampa, Via Loreggia, 29 Asolo (TV)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 1pm and 4pm – 7.30pm
It is also possible to make reservations outside opening hours.

info: +39 3480302605


CASTELLANO Arte Contemporanea
Via Roma.38 – 31033 Castelfranco Veneto TV

(500 metres from the train station)

  • Via Roma, 38
    Castelfranco Veneto (TV)


Castellano Arte Contemporanea was born in 2005 and this year celebrates its first 10 years in the business. The gallery is located in Castelfranco Veneto’s historic centre, in a building designed by architect Mario Botta in the Nineties, right in front of the splendid medieval walls which witnessed the birth of the great Giorgione.
Contatos das Empresas
Via Roma, 38
31033 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
+393480302605 www.castellanoartecontemporanea.com
Informações adicionais
The Castellano Arte Contemporanea gallery focuses on artists from the Veneto region who have been well-known since the Fifties and alternates their displays with those of emerging artists, who share with their more famous counterparts the same concern with “art as Beauty.”

The gallery was inaugurated on 20th March 2005 with an exhibition by Ennio Finzi (1931), a Venetian artist whose research concentrates on the meaning of gestures, light and timbre.

In 2006 the gallery showcased works by Cesco Magnolato (1926) from San Donà di Piave (Venice), who in 1954 won first prize for engraving at the 27th edition of the Venice Biennale. In the same year the gallery also showcased works by Giovanni Centazzo (1942), whose chromatic and gestural poetry represents the landscape of the artist’s home region, the Friuli.

In 2007 the gallery invited painter and sculptor Giorgio Celiberti (1929), whose Holocaust-inspired art is internationally acclaimed, and Ulisse Salvador (1910), from Padua, who is known for his fresco paintings and who was a student of Saetti’s.

In 2008 the gallery hosted “100 female heads” by Toni Zarpellon (1942), an intellectually profound artist from Vicenza and creator of the well-known “Rubbio Quarries.” In the same year, the Castellano gallery – which was then known as Art&Media – assembled several artists for a great exhibition called “7 Painters of Today and Yesterday”: Barbaro, Borsato, Paolucci, Gambino, Gianquinto, Licata and Magnolato.

In 2009, the gallery ran the first of five collective exhibitions dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the great Giorgione’s death. The exhibition was called “Geometry of Art Created” and it displayed works by Getulio Alviani, Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Franco Daleffe, Edoardo Landi, Luciano Marin, Marcello Morandini, Bruno Munari, Manlio Onorato, Vincenzo Pellitta, Giorgio Perretti, Nino di Salvatore, Victor Simonetti, Jesùs-Rafhael Soto.

In 2010 the gallery served as incubator for the manifesto “Our Dialectic – The Emotional Dialectic of Art as Beauty,” which was created by 7 emerging artists from the Veneto region: Grazia Azzali, Ugo Gazzola, Fabiano Fiorin, Silvano Longo, Mazzocca&Pony, Maria Pia Settin, Patrizia Simionato.

In 2011 and 2012 the Castellano Arte Contemporanea gallery sought to promote, partly through art fairs held all over Italy, the work of emerging artists whose most diverse expression techniques aimed to convey the complexity of creative processes in the situation of profound crisis which characterizes this specific historical period. This crisis is not merely economic, but is also a crisis of conscience, values, and culture. A special mention goes to Annalù and Matteo Boato.

In 2013 the gallery hosted a personal exhibition by Renato Meneghetti (Rosà, Vicenza, 1947). An artist who has been at the centre of many exhibitions in the most important European and international museums, Meneghetti is known as the “Radiograph Painter.” He kept his work separated from the various artistic trends of his time and operated in several art sectors ranging from painting to sculpting, from design to architecture, from photography to cinema, from music to theatre.

The year 2014 was dominated by the exhibition “Hell and Paradise” by Monica Pirone and Mazzocca&Pony. This exhibition combined painting, sculpture, video installations and performances to effectively convey the notion of a broken, disoriented society, which nevertheless hopes that the Beauty of art might yet save the world.

In 2015, the year of the Milan Expo, the universal exposition, the Castellano gallery has planned several event-exhibitions to be held on site at Via Roma 38, Castelfranco Veneto. These event-exhibitions will contribute to the prestige not only of Giorgione’s birth town, but also of the Veneto Expo: a portal which includes events organized by artistic institutions all over the Veneto region.
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