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REMADA A SECONDA Remada a seconda is a sport event that wants to value  the ancient waterways of Padua.  Water is the macro-theme of Expo 2015. The boats involved will navigate entirely Battaglia Canal and partially Vigenzone. Saturday, May 30th
3.00 pm PADUA (Bassanello). Registration on the boats in front of the "Rari Nantes". The registration is valid also for Sunday. Cost: € 8,00. Gift to all participants: original T-shirt 35th Remada edition.
4.00 pm Departure (opening hydraulic artifact)
4:30 pm Arrival in Montegrotto (location Mezzavia) with refreshment
5.30 pm Departure from Montegrotto
6:00 pm Arrival in Battaglia Terme, meeting with the authorities and with members of the Rowing Club "El Bisato"

In the evening various activities organized by the Local Committee.
Program historic center of Battaglia Terme:
The events will be concentrated in Via Terme, along the Battaglia Canal.
The Inland Navigation Museum in Battaglia Terme will be open to the public with the initiative Waterways (time 10-12 am, 3-6 pm).
Ponte de Fero
6.00 pm Arrival of different boats of Remada
6:00 to 6:30 pm Trophy Verganesi Voga alla Veneta
Ponte dei Scaini:
6:30 to 7:00 pm  Poetry Competition awards -school students of Battaglia Terme, Pernumia, Due Carrare, Cartura, Bovolenta and Pontelongo
7.00 pm Theatre performance "Quattro ciacole con San Zuane"
In the evening, dinner and concert Tyres along Via Terme (Osteria al barcon).
Sunday, May 31st
7:00 am Registration at the bridge of "Cioare". € 8,00 per person. Gift to the participants the original T-shirt 35th Remada Seconda Edition
8.00 Passage of boats through the boat navigation basin from Battaglia Canal to Vigenzone
9:00 am Blessing of the boats, starting from the Bridge "Cioare"
9.15 Pernumia Acquanera - Breakfast on the boat
10.00 Due Carrare Ponte de Riva
10.45 Cartura,  Cagnola - Refreshments on the left bank
12.15 Arrival and stop at "Porto to Ponta", Stand gastronomic of Pro Loco, dinner with choice of menu
14.00 Exhibition folk: Band and Majorettes of Villa Estense
15.00 Departure for Pontelongo
16:00 Expected arrival on the left bank
17:00 Performance by folk: Band and Majorettes of Villa Estense
17.30 At the discretion of the Jury will be awarded the MORE VESSELS 'FEATURES

you are all invited!
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    battaglia terme (PD)


The event, now at its 9th edition, has as its main objective the  revival of the navigability of the waterways in the territory of the Euganean Hills Park. On Sunday 14th of June, the Venetian traditional rowing boats will navigate on the Bisato canal from Vo Vecchio to Battaglia Terme, for a total of 32 Km.
Contatos das Empresas
via A. Volta 4
35041 - Battaglia terme (PD)
+39049525162 www.comune.battaglia-terme.pd.it/
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All the Northeastern Italy is a complex network of rivers and canals and also here near the Euganean Hills this amphibious character is well represented. We are in the lowlands between the Euganean Hills and the Venetian lagoon, crisscrossed by the major river routes, but also by minor routes that connect houses and small villages, built during the construction of the agricultural landscapes.
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