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THE VERA DA POZZO – ENJOY WITH US THE TASTING OF EXCELLENCE OF OUR ARTISANAL PRODUCTION OF LIQUOR AN In the context of  Tacco 11 American bar, at Spinea, to celebrate the end of the semester  of Expo2015, you can taste our products, the result of an artisanal tradition of excellence.
Liquorice, Limoncello and Arencello "La Vera da Pozzo".
The La Vera liquors from the well spring of an old family recipe passed down for three generations: the peculiarities of working in "family" of women of the household Spolaor joined for the love for organic products giving life to a selection of products whose purity makes them the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. The contents of each bottle are processed and filtered by hand with all the passion and professionalism of Miss Franca Spolaor, that with his team produces La Vera Da Pozzo.
All that is guarded by the glassmaking tradition at the top of design. A bottle that in its sinuous shape recalls the preciousness of the liquor combined with the precious glass of Murano to taste it's delicacy.
Enjoy with us the excellence of our products, to appreciate it's quality.
We are looking for experts and professionals to extend the distribution of our products in Italy and abroad.
We believe that "tasting" one can understand the true value of our products and understanding on the sensorial qualities and peculiarities.
The event is dedicated to distributors and representatives interested to begin a process of quality with our company.

L’OMBRA SAS of Spolaor Franca & C. Via Petrarca, 12 - 300038 Spinea (VE) Italy
Tel/fax +39 041 995361
Cell. 392 9367617

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The Ombra Sas has its headquarters in the countryside of the Venetian hinterland, and was created to enhance the Italian excellence, from raw materials that make up the liqueur to the bottle design: everything bears the mark of the Made in Italy quality.
The management is strictly familiar to create a product of high-level craftsmanship, monitored and certified in every stage of production.
The result is an extraordinary liquor for harmony of ingredients, taste and fullness.
Contatos das Empresas
Via Petrarca, 12
30038 - Spinea (VE)
+39 041 995361 www.laveradapozzo.com
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