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DINNER WITH THE "ZIA" AND THE "SALAME GENTILE" GASTRONOMIC JOURNEY BETWEEN TRADITIONS POLESINE Expo 2015 allows us to bring you to discover the culinary tradition of the cuisine of Polesine
Evening dedicated to the two meats excellence culture polesana the "Zia" and the "Salame Gentile"
The knowledge and taste of local culinary traditions die daily due to stress that modernity imposes and the emergence of large fast food chains.
Luciana Vallese and her Farm organize an evening entitled "A Cena con la Zia e il Salame Gentile" with the main purpose of allowing the rediscovery of the "right rhythm" of their body thus leading to the discovery of the ability of the taste and flavors.
A culinary journey in the tradition of the kitchen Polesana.
2 excellences are the focus of the evening: the "Zia" and the "Salame Gentile" that Luciana is pleased to present, and tell you to taste; but not only, in fact, the evening will start with the taste of "schizzotto" (a typical bread homemade) continuing later between "Gnocchi", "Risotto" and Pasticcio" and "mosaics of Vegetables" up to lead the famous sweets.

The event will be held on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 at 20:00 at the Farmhouse Le Clementine.
The farm is in Via Colombano 1239 / B - Badia Polesine (RO)
Reservations required by calling +39 0425 597029 or by sending mail to agriturismo@leclementine.it
Updates about the event, please visit http://www.leclementine.it/
Cost per person € 25.00 - wine carte
  • Via Colombano 1239/B
    Badia Polesine (RO)


The pleasantness of the country house, dated 1822 and renovated in early 1900, the great location and good service are the strengths of the farm always appreciated by our guests. The nineteenth-century-style rooms are all different. The guest who sits at the table for the first time immediately senses the genuineness and typicality polesana cuisine, rich in aromas and unusual flavors. Our motto: Arrive as Guests and Friends
Contacte Întreprinderi
Via Colombano 1239/B
45021 - Badia Polesine (RO)
+39 0425 597029 www.leclementine.it/
Informații ulterioare
"In the land between the great rivers (Adige-Po) I wanted to fix my house, I'm sure that it would become a meeting point between people who still believe in the values ​​of friendship, love peace and enjoy fine food."
 All that Clemenatina produces, transforms and in the dishes for our Guests, leading to remember paternal grandmother Clementine and her mother.
Inside the "schizzotto" (type of homemade bread), inside the "pinza onta", lean braised duck, vegetables processed, there is the story of his family. Very large family who lived in a big house in Villadose (RO).
The men worked part in camps and other studied by doctors; the paternal grandmother was responsible for organizing it.
She prepared and distributed the "polenta" and beans that never failed.
The grandmother was a strong and courageous woman in the head always wore a man's hat which increased the authority of his figure.
It is said that She had no difficulty in the rifle to defend his family when all men were at war.
Still tells Clementine "I remember, hers strength (even physical), his courage, his great determination with a lot of nostalgia." "Thanks grandma for conveying to me several of your qualities."
My mother wanted to give me the name "Clementina" and then, when she died, I found in her birth certificate that she was called "Maria-Gioconda-Clementina".
At that moment I realized that the two most important women in my life wore the same name.
When my mother died I realized that my fate was probably linked to her and my grandmother's name.
When I decided to buy the farm and to renovate the building to make my "Agriturismo" I thought to name it to "Clementine".
In these few lines Luciana-Clementina Valais tells the story of 'CLEMENTINE', but to learn more...  come to Agriturismo Le Clementine.
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