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TORTELLINI AND SURROUNDINGS - TASTINGS, MUSIC, ANIMATION A tasting tour to discover the territory of Valeggio sul Mincio, the hinterland of Lake Garda and their excellent food. The territory of Valeggio offers visitors unique landscapes, such as the moraine hills, the valley of the Mincio river, Borghetto and the Visconti bridge
This land full of charm and history, mixs well with food and wine of excellent quality and a strong philosophy of hospitality, that has made Valeggio renowned across northern Italy..
In early September, during the three days of "Tortellini and surroundings", you have the chance to get to know and enjoy the most delicious dishes that Valeggio offers to the table: Tortellini of Valeggio our famous thin pastry, filled with the finest meat.
But there is more, other tortelli, filled with seasonal specialties; the Cake of the Roses, the Dolce Valeggio, the Coppa al Bagno,  a fine nut icecream blended with liquor, the chocolate tortellini, the Peach of Verona.
To match these wonderful foods are ouf famous local wines, D.O.C. Custoza and Bardolino, that complete this journey into gastronomy.
These three days are made possible due to the active participation of pasta artisans, pastry chefs, wineries, bakeries and the whole community.
The evenings of "Tortellini and surroundings" are also enriched with many live concerts, along the streets: an event within an event, that transforms the center of the town into a large open-air stage.
Along the stands of the Market of Excellence, you can find many other producers of typical italian specialities  - many of them belonging to Slow Food Italia - and a section dedicated to publishing houses, with an interesting selection of books and magazines about wine and cooking recipes.
To admire the beauty of the landscape that surrounds Valeggio sul Mincio, its history and its monuments, there will be the opportunity to participate in a mountain bike tours in the country around the town and in guided walks.

The access to the area of the event is free.
For the tasting you need to buy a ticket at the cash, where a pocket with a glass is distributed to every guest.
The event officially begins on Friday evening, around 6 pm; on Saturday and Sunday the tastings are open also at lunch.
The concerts take place in the evening, from 9 pm onwards.
All information on the website www.tortelliniedintorni.net
  • piazza Carlo Alberto
    Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)


Established in 1974, the Association Pro Loco Valeggio has always been committed to the promotion of tourism and the culture of the region, including its festivals  and history.
It is very active in the organization of many traditional events, such as the annual Fair, now in its 95th year, the Carnival, and also concerts, plays, and food and wine events, to showcase local products.
Contacte Întreprinderi
piazza Carlo Alberto 32
37067 - Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)
+39 045 7951880 www.valeggio.com
Informații ulterioare
The Association Pro Loco Valeggio was created in 1974, as an initiative of passionate citizens, with the aim of bringing together all those who were fond of the development of tourism and cultural activities to raise recognition of their town.
In particular: "...the main goals of the association are: to contribute to the organization of tourism experiences; encourage and support the development of public services; promote conferences, exhibitions, public performances, celebrations; preserve and to improve the natural, artistic and built heritage of Valeggio".
Since that time, Pro Loco Valeggio has grown considerably, carrying on many of its original intentions, in partnership with adjoining municipalities and other local associations.
Restaurants, hotels, accommodations and all tourism facilities find in Pro Loco Valeggio a helpful partner to promote their activities.
Thanks to the constant commitment of its volunteers and members, many new activities have been added to the existing calendar of traditional events. Among the most popular and followed of these are: the Summer Film Festival, with its fantastic location in the courtyard of the Medieval Scaligero Castle; the food and wine festival Tortellini & dintorni, that celebrates the excellence of agricultural production and the culinary tradition of the region; the great musical program of the Verona Folk Festival, which has led to Valeggio worldwide famous artists, including Ludovico Einaudi, Fabrizio Bosso, Nina Zilli.
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