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GIORGIONE'S LAND - EXPO 2015 A showroom has been set up for Expo 2015 which tells an unconventional story about the nice and good assets of Giorgione's Land. Castelfranco Veneto and its surroundings comprise a wide area full of surprisingly beautiful and worthy views which still need to be fully disclosed to the public at large.
There is much to be seen and discovered in this Western part of the so-called Marca Trevigiana, whose road and railway networks are nonetheless strategic to the whole region.
In spite of its relatively small size, Giorgione's home town Castelfranco Veneto boasts four first-class works of the past millennium situated just a few minutes' walk from one another:
the city walls from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance paintings by Giorgione, palaces and buildings from the Age of Enlightenment - including the Cathedral and the Academic Theatre - and the extraordinary Revedin Bolasco Villa with its park dating back to the Late Romantic period.
These are the plains at the foot of the magnificent chain of Mount Grappa which features Asolo - the Town of the 100 Horizons - as its most renowned attraction.
Though often regarded as an apparently minor part of Veneto compared to Venice, these plains have a rich historical and architectural heritage including walled towns, interesting museums and superb villas, besides natural parks such as the path called Sentiero degli Ezzelini and the River Sile Natural Park, religious sites including Pope Pio X's Birthplace, and much more.
All this is the Land of Giorgione, with the most famous citizen of the area as an ambassador of a broader range of local virtues and superior products in line with the ambitions of Expo. 
It should not be forgotten that this is an area with age-old rural traditions which reached its peak at the time of the Republic of Venice, when the majority of the local Venetian-style villas were built as true agricultural holdings. All this still remains as part of today's local attractions with a wide range of exclusive, seasonally varied produce grown and offered on site. You can cook and eat delicious food all the year round here and, with the hills of Prosecco within a cork's throw, make a toast to a quality of life that is hard to find anywhere else even in the rest of Italy.
What better place than this to promote Venice and Veneto as front-line players at Expo Milano? There is no doubt Giorgione's Land provides an excellent showcase for an international audience that is eager to discover the best of Made-in-Italy branding.

Opening celebrations of GIORGIONE'S LAND Exhibition - EXPO 2015
at Casa Giorgione Museum, Castelfranco Veneto
Saturday, May 2 2015 at 5.30 pm

The exhibition is open from May 2 to October 31 2015
in the  opening times of the Museum.

Opening times:
Tuesdays to Thursdays 
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Fridays to Sundays
9.30 am - 12.30 pm  2.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Mondays closed

Adults: € 5.00
Concessions: € 3.00
Families: € 10.00

Concessions: children aged 6 to 14, students aged 15 to 25, groups of at least 15 members, people over 65, MiBAC Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation staff, FAI and Touring Club members.

Admittance free for children up to 5 years old, assistants of disabled people, one guide/host/hostess per group, 2 school-trip assistants, residents of Castelfranco if accompanied by at least two paying adults or family visitors, ICOM members, licensed tourist guides and interpreters.

Casa Giorgione Museum
Piazza San Liberale 
31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
T. 0423 735626
  • Piazza San Liberale
    Castelfranco Veneto (TV)


Casa Giorgione Museum is a passionate, attentive tribute offered to Castelfranco's Renaissance Maestro by his home town, a journey that goes back to his world and times of vibrant cultural changes. First opened on May 9, 2009, it is hosted in the house where the artist left a mysterious fresco - the Frieze of Liberal and Mechanical Arts - and located just a few minutes' walk from the Cathedral, where his beautiful Altarpiece painting can be seen.
Contacte Întreprinderi
Piazza San Liberale
31033 - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
+39 0423 735626 www.museocasagiorgione.it
Informații ulterioare
The Museum was inaugurated at the beginning of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of his death and focuses on two of Giorgione's masterpieces - the Altarpiece in the nearby Cathedral and the Frieze on the first floor of the Museum.
All the exhibits are presented in their original framework and, indeed, the whole museum features previously unexplored connections with the local territory.
The visitor is not merely asked to look at a row of ancient artefacts but rather encouraged to experience the atmosphere and cultural background of the late 15th century through inspiring pictures, exciting testimonies, light tricks, and much more.
One hundred original items guide guests to the discovery of the three key elements of the Museum - Giorgione's Altarpiece, the Frieze of Liberal and Mechanical Arts, and the Home itself. Artefacts collected from the City Museum or purchased at the antiques' market originate from Giorgione's own age and territory (the Venetian mainland) and architectural reproductions, some of which were designed and crafted with the input of artists, help to experience the mood of that time.
Setting up the Museum has represented both an emotional and a material challenge for the City of Castelfranco Veneto, whose dual aim was spreading knowledge both of a great master of painting and of the local heritage of art and architecture, culture and social development. 
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