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With the Brotherhood of "Bigoi al Torcio" of Limena in a path of celebration and tasting of the "Bigoi al Torcio" De.Co. in some venetian squares...
The Brotherhood of the "Bigoi al Torcio" of Limena operates in the enhancement of local products, in particular of Bigoli torcio and is at its best when, as a team, prepare this fresh pasta at the village events square.

Main events for 2015:
- 7 June in Grantorto (PD) for the 12th edition of "The works of the past";
- June 12 to 16 in Limena (PD), the Medical District for the "Feast of St. Anthony";
- September 18 to 20 in Sandrigo (VI) for the "Festival of Bacalà alla Vicentina".

For further information and to follow the other holiday dates refer to the association's website: www.bigoialtorcio.it or on Facebook.

The events of the Brotherhood are reported and promoted by the cultural association "Idee & Sapori" - www.idee-sapori.it.
  • centro storico
    Grantorto (PD)
  • quartiere Del Medico
    Limena (PD)
  • centro storico
    Sandrigo (VI)


The cultural association "Idee & Sapori" (Ideas & Flavors) is responsible for:
- Promoting the history, culture and traditions of the territory;
- Enhancing aspects of the area, supporting tourism;
- Creating events;
- Supporting other associations to enrich their manifestations;
- Developing courses to deepen aspects of the history, culture and traditions;
- Developing information services in support of local traditions (for the Pro Loco in particular).
Contacte Întreprinderi
via Brenta, 53
35010 - Carmignano di Brenta (PD)
+39 340 3321128 www.idee-sapori.it
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