THE COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY. THE BURNER IN THE AGRIFOOD INDUSTRY A guided tour inside the factory of a leader in the production and marketing of the burners used in the food, heating and industrial processes. A 'Veneta Company" without borders, with offices and distributors throughout the world.

The history of Riello began with the development of burners used in workshops for the production of bread; after more than 90 years, in which the Company has consistently
pursued the highest standards of quality, reliability and attention to energy saving, Riello offers a complete catalog of burners and accessories, many of which are dedicated to
applications in the food sector. Riello maintains its leadership in the supply of burners for furnaces and equipment for artisan and industrial production of bread, pizza and all kinds of leavened products and confectionery. Recent innovations prepared with the technology "premix" have allowed Riello to further strengthen the garrison of this application area, both for small kitchen ovens for both large furnaces used in industry. The steam production plays a certain role in the food industry, being necessary for a variety of uses, from cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, pasteurization and sterilization until the actual cooking of food. Riello has always designed burners suitable for these applications, which can match the specific conditions of operation with maximum safety. The installations in greenhouses or garden structures / nurseries are another area heavily guarded, with the ability to supply products, gas or oil, suitable for small greenhouses for nursery crops for both professional systems, for which the burners low emissions , combined with electronic controls, can be the ideal solution for the technology of carbon fertilization.

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10:30 Pick up from FS Main train Station in Verona organized by Riello
11: 00 Arrive at Centre of Excellence for Production of burners - Legnago
Riello SPA
Via Ing. Pilade Riello, 5
37045 Legnago (VERONA)
Welcome coffee
Welcome and brief presentation Business
12:00/12:30 Lunch in the company canteen
13:45 Visit Centre of Excellence in manufacturing burners
14:45 Departure for Centre of Excellence - Angiari
Riello Combustion Research Center
Via Ronchi -37,050 Angiari
16: 00 Return to Milan


Riello Group is a World leader in the production of burners and European protagonist in the market of products and services for heating, cooling and energy efficiency. Riello Group has 8 production plants, with a total of 2,000 employees, a network of 13 International Companies and 4 foreign branches, with customers in over 60 countries.
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Via Ing. Pilade Riello n. 7
37045 - LEGNAGO (VR)
+39 0442 630111 www.riellogroup.com
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In 1922 Pilades Riello began working in Legnago with the first mechanical workshop OFR (Officine Fratelli Riello). The following year, the first products are oil burners for bakery  ovens and special applications and in 1925, first in Italy, the company offers oil burners.
In 1932 was created the first burner for domestic heating, the C 4 G.
Between '34 and '36 the supply of burners to the Vatican Palaces bring as well as a great commercial success even notoriety. In '38 comes the autarkic burner of charcoal poor. The next year, 1939, saw the creation of the first industrial company in Legnago. In 1942, realizing the importance of training, the Company open a Training School "Ettore Riello."
In 1950 the factory Riello is expanded with the construction of large industrial complex in Legnago. In 1955, together with the production of burners begins that of air conditioners. 
To launch the company's products on the international markets in 1962 open  Riello Export and always in the same year, from the pen of Bruno Bozzetto, born Unca Dunca, the protagonist of advertising on the Carousel that consecrate the reputation of Riello across the country . The seventies saw a strengthening of Riello with the transformation into a joint stock company, while Beretta, thanks to the collaboration with Riello, reached record production in Italy in the production of boilers.. In this period Riello enter fully into the domestic heating market, by entering in the catalog boilers and cast iron boilers  and enriching its offering with automatic temperature controllers, hot air generators and solar collectors.
In 1980 the plant was built in Canada, which strengthens its presence in the international market and the company changed its name to RBL - Riello Burners Legnago.Nel 1983 Riello  created the Research Center for Combustion Medum and High Power Burnres. The year 1988 saw the birth of Riello 40, a full set of new burners for domestic use. Also at the end of the eighties, Riello enters the world of sports with the sponsorship of the Benetton team in Formula 1, and the operation helps to further develop the reputation of the brand internationally.
A low nox burner, Gulliver Blue was born in '92 , forerunner of a new generation of environmentally friendly burners, while in 1994 the Company  reached the milestone of 300,000 burners produced and sold. The next year, doubling the size of the Research Center for Combustion Medum and High Power Burnres and launches the new wall-hung boiler with the "Tasto Benessere".
With the start of the new millennium investments are expanding in several directions in order to consolidate the company's production capacity. In 2002, all production activities of the burners are transferred to the new plant in San Pietro di Legnago, which will be followed also the transfer of offices in more recent years. In 2002 was inaugurated the futuristic laboratory combustion Angiari, which was followed in 2008, the conversion of the plant in Piombino Dese (Padua) for the production of solar panels and boilers that marks the entrance in renewable energy. In 2009 begins the start up of the production site in China. Fontecal In 2011 he joined the Gruppo Riello Riello Group is today at the forefront of technology thermal units and air conditioning systems more sophisticated, the field in which it is committed to setting new standards in terms of efficiency, reducing energy consumption and attention to the environment.

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