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GLASS, ENAMEL AND POLYCHROME MARBLE, THE ISLAND WHERE MASTERPIECES ARE BORN The Lagoon and its islands are among the most evocative destinations in Venice and offer a unique natural scenery, precious remains of past history and folk knowledge. An experience to be lived unhurriedly, with a soul willing to discover and be astonished by the sheer beauty of this unspoilt place.
The tour will lead you to discovery of Murano, the Glass-making Island famous all over the world. A “poetic” tour in the lagoon of Venice, immersed in a magical atmosphere of history, art and tradition…the Island’s oldest glassworks guard the centuries-old secret of glass blowing that have been handed down for generations through the creation of true works of art.
An unforgettable experience for those who witness this extraordinary spectacle firsthand.

Tour programme:
  • Meet tour guide and departure for the island of Murano
  • Visit to the Abate Zanetti Glass School, operating since 1862 as a center for culture, education and research in artistic glass production. A suggestive evidence of industrial archaeology of the 30's, the school is home to many outstanding activities conducted by the best Murano masters and designers of international fame. Classes in hot working and glass blowing are held at the furnace, and lampworking, enamel and gold leaf decoration, glass etching, grinding, stained glass and fusing are taught in the various workshops.
Alternatively you can visit
  • Archimede Seguso Art Glass, founded in 1946 by the famous glass master, who reinterpreted the ancient art of glassmaking through innovative techniques. In an elegant and exclusive atmosphere, you will witness the glass blowing process and admire unique pieces by this master like the famous Novecento-style animals in solid glass, the elegant vases with threads and coloured rings, the amber and green spotted glass items with optical effects of great visual impact.
  •  "Venetian" Aperitif
  •  Stroll down to the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato, one of the oldest religious buildings in the entire lagoon and a magnificent synthesis of Western-Romanesque architectural concepts and suggestions of the Byzantine world. Both the exterior and the interior of the Basilica are enhanced by elegant polychrome marble capitals, wood inserts and interesting design elements.
  •  Lunch at a typical restaurant on the island

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Timing: Ability to organize the event at any other date on request
How to partecipate: minimum 2 people - maximun 25 people
Price: starting from €70,00 p.p. - For a customized offer and reservation please write to  itinerari@nexave.org
  • Calle Briate 8
    Murano (VE)


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