POLYSTYRENE FOAM: 98%AIR AND 100% PASSION... COME AND SEE HOW WE MANIFACTURE EPS. Respect for the environment and sustainable research are the watchwords of Cabox, a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation.
"The best energy is the saved energy". Cabox always follows this philosophy: improve the quality of life and protect the environment in which we live.
Cabox provides the opportunity for visitors to Expo 2015 to be accompanied to the discovery of his professionalism, experience and expertise in the world of materials for thermal and acoustic insulation. The meeting with the professionals who work within it, the discovery of the products and achievements of Cabox will  leave satisfied visitors interested in discovering closely this important business reality, inserted in the magnificent setting of the city of Treviso.We wait for visitors to demonstrate how we produce insulating panels without going to impact negatively on the environment around us, creating a healthy workplace and  respecting the production area, the beautiful countryside of Treviso.

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When? On Tuesday morning (but we are available by appointment on other days)
Duration: 2 hours
For organizational reasons, specifying your favorite day for the visit, sending an email to: commerciale@cabox.com
  • via Castellana Vecchia 6
    Quinto di Treviso (TV)


CABOX  designs and manufactures systems for thermal and acoustic insulation functional, effective and simple to use,since 1960.We manifacture perfect products for your every need from the simplest element of complement to a complete range of insulation. DEKORBAU produces EPS coated decorative profiles that confer an individual character to the facade of a building and makes easy the work of the architects.
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via castellana vecchia 6
31055 - Quinto di Treviso (TV)
+39422470150 www.cabox.com
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Cabox, active since 1960, produces expanded polystyrene foam (commonly called polystyrene) . Also realizes systems for thermal insulation of flat roofs and pitched roofs coupled with OSB wood , insulation panels for wall cavity and complete systems to coat exterior facades, including adhesives, fiberglass meshes, dowels and external cladding.
Elio Ciabatti, entrepreneur pioneer of expanded polystyrene, in the late fifties he began his entrepreneurial life in workshops and in the '60s founded Cabox, which soon became one of the leading companies of thermal insulation. Many Cabox products  represented the starting points for the future development of materials for thermal insulation. The company warned already in those years the need to speed, to optimize time, combining the binomial money, functionality and ease of installation. Today EPS is the most used panel for thermal insulation .
The mission of Cabox was to qualify the polystyrene for thermal insulation, which can be produced in an approximate way, compromising the excellent characteristics, and therefore the validity of a correct thermal insulation. From the beginning Cabox followed the quality, certifying especially the specific weight of the same polystyrene, thermal conductivity and resistance to fire.
Environmental performance has always been a priority and the company felt the need to recycle polystyrene foam, the result of an industrial process, providing since 1968 a large area for the recovery of wasted polystyrene. In the development phase of its products Cabox has played a careful analysis of eco-efficiency and the results confirm the excellent performance of insulation products throughout the entire life cycle.
Today Cabox manufactures and sells 1 million square meters of panels per year . It also provides about 500 yards a year with products for decorating facade called Dekorbau, made in the new 2000 sqm factory , equipped with advanced machinery.
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