DISCOVERING THE "HILLS OF VENICE" Il Colle winery opens to the Expo 2015 visitors who want to know something more about Prosecco wine, some kilometres far from Venice. A sensorial tour ending with a wine tasting focused on the different shades of the Prince of italian sparkling wines. Il Colle, located in the heart of the Prosecco hilly area, beetween Venice and the Dolomites, opens to Expo Milano visitors who want to be enchanted by this amazing territory, candidate of being a world heritage site, and by the lively Prosecco perlage that in this area is produced at best.
Ceschin family guides you to discover the secrets that make Prosecco so famous all over the world, in a particular tour ending with the wine tasting.


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- guided tour and wine tasting in italian and english;
- the visit of the winery lasts at about 1 hour;
- booking compulsory ;
- prices up to 4 people: € 7.50 per person for 2 wine tastings; € 10.00 per person for 3 wine tastings; 
- prices more than 4 people: € 5.00 per person for 2 wine tastings; € 7.50 per person for 3 wine tastings; 
- It is possible to buy the products;
  • Via Colle, 15 - 31020
    San Pietro di Feletto (TV)


"Il Colle” born in 1978 in San Pietro di Feletto (Province of Treviso) in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg Prosecco Superiore area. In the course of time Ceschin family has become a benchmark for the farms of the area. The grapes are carefully and passionally hand picked and grown, to produce a wide range of sparkling wines, white and red wines, raisin wines and spirits: healty and quality products which remind the beauty of the hilly landscape and the rispect for the tradition.
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Via Colle, 15
31020 - San Pietro di Feletto (TV)
+39 0438 486926 www.proseccoilcolle.it
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Календарь Expo Veneto

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