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SHAKE YOUR LIFE DRINKING LE CONTESSE BUBBLES After a weekend in Expo Milan come to us , we offer you a special monday in peace and relax showing you what  wine producer mean , you will use all your senses for discover the process from the grape to became sparkling wine We coltivate our vineyards with  organics prodocts to respect the land and the humans : this  is our priority
Only clean energy for our machines and technology for obtain the best sparkling wine in our area : this  is our  " made in Italy "
Life is a dance of all the elements of the earth and we are the choreographers : this is our filosophie

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Every monday from 8:00 am to 18:00 only with reservation to  : lecontesse@lecontesse.it
  • Via Cadorna 39 ,
    Vazzola (TV)


The right balance between innovation and traditional character, love for the people and for the naute give life to the best sparkling wines of Italy
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+39043828795 www.lecontesse.it
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“Le Contesse” was founded in the early Seventies and specializes in the production of highly esteemed sparkling wines and Doc wines, it is located at the beautiful foothills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. “ Le Contesse “ gets its name from the land on which it stands, once belonging, between the 18th and 19th century, to the countesses Tiepolo of Venice hence the name. The aim of this winery is to link the rustic culture of yesterday to the modern one of today, keeping the taste and fragrance by creating a system combining scientific rigour and local tradition, that brings us closer to the heart of this noble fruit “The Grape".
Календарь Expo Veneto

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