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STREETS AND FLAVOURS: BIKE RIDE WITH "IL PORTICO" ASSOCIATION Streets and Flavours: Bike Ride with "Il Portico" Association.
Fundraising Bike Ride in support of "Il Portico"  entertainement activities.
Streets and Flavours: Bike Ride with "Il Portico" Association. 
Fundraising Bike Ride in support of "Il Portico" entertainement activities, with disabled participation.
The bike ride crosses Dolo, Fiesso d'Artico and Stra municipalities.

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Departure at 9.15 am in Dolo sports facility. (meeting at 8.30 am). Expected Return at 4.30 pm.
  • Via Doge Pisani
    Stra (VE)


Stra is an italian municipality, with 7.680 citizens, placed in the Venice territory, extended along the waterway Brenta.
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Piazza Marconi, 21
30039 - Stra (VE)
+390499804011 www.comune.stra.ve.it
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Town located along the waterway Brenta. It is one of the most important centres of the Riviera del Brenta which is famous for its magnificent villas built by the Venetian patricians between the XV and XVIII century (especially for villa Pisani – today national villa). The name Stra derives from the latin “Strata” (street) which refers to the territory where the present parish of San Pietro is located. The area was called “Fossolovara” (ditch of woolves) and this title has remained till today in the civic toponomy. The main economic activities in Stra concern shoe factory, leather clothing industry, services and trade. But its worldwide fame comes especially from the villas and above all from national Villa Pisani. It is the biggest and the most sumptuous among the residences which embrace the “Riviera of delights”. It was built in order to praise the great Venetian dinasty of Pisani during the period of Doge Alvise (1735-1741). Villa Pisani represents the top of the XVII century architecture: a splendid baroque mixed with the armony of classicism comparable to the magnificent european palaces such as Versailles and Caserta. To the project worked the architects Frigimelica and Preti. Inside it is possible to admire the frescoes by G. B. Tiepolo. It has been residence for kings and princes. In 1807 Napoleon bought it and offered it as a gift to the viceroy Eugenio. D’Annunzio found inspiration for the romance “Il fuoco”. Mussolini and Hitler met here the 14th July 1934. Other notable villas adorn Stra: Lazara-Pisani (“La Barbariga”, XVII century), Soranza-Favaro (XVI century), Cappello (XVII-XVIII centuries), Badoer-Draghi (XV century). One of these villas, the XVII century villa Foscarini-Rossi, houses the museum of footwear. A lot of cultural events take place all year long. Beautiful hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts offer a nice welcome to all visitors. Stra is the starting point for cruises along the old waterways which connect the Venetian villas of the Riviera to Venice.
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