THIRD MIRA FESTIVAL – “WONDERS OF THE LANDSCAPE”. A CELEBRATION OF THE CULTURALHERITAGE AND LANDSCAP This cultural event takes place along the route starting from via Mondonego and leading to the church of San Sabino, climbing up to Mira Hill and then descending to Carromatto towards Torreglia, passing through the stalls of the local associations, artists musicians, activities and workshops ..
The festival, which takes place from 29th to 31 May 2015, reflects the
EXPO themes of “THE PLANET”, with regard to the local area/landscape,
and "LIFE" for local culture and crafts. The event unfolds over a long
route: a walk along Via Mondonego up to the Church of San Sabino
located on Mira Hill, and after that, if you don't want to retrace your steps,
a loop down to the area called Carromatto towards Torreglia.
But it is not only walking: there are lots of activities to enjoy as you stop
along the way. You can visit the stalls set up by the local associations and
local artists, and make donations to the town’s charitable projects. You
can enjoy food, music and shows at the Gastronomic Stall located in the
courtyard of the old school of Torreglia Alta. Or you can visit the church of
San Sabino, accompanied by an expert tour guide, and also visit the
ancient villas, which are open to the public free of charge, especially for
this occasion.
Your purchases will be made more enjoyable by the use of a special coin,
the " Taurilio", especially minted for this occasion, which will be available
at various exchange points.
Moreover, all the patrons will be able to take part in the photo competition
" Scatta la Mira" (Snapshots of Mira). All you need is a smart phone or a
digital camera and you can take some beautiful pictures of the most
meaningful moments of the three days of the festival and load them onto
the Facebook page www.Facebook.com/festadellamira.
The photo which receives the most "likes" will win a prize.
FRIDAY 29th May:
18.30 Presentation of the book "l'ultimo viaggio di Antonio"/[ Antonio's
Last Journey], by its author, Gian Paolo Prandstraller, at the Agriturismo Ai
22.00: The show " A che punto è la notte "/[ At what stage is the night], an
evocative experience expressed through music played in the dark, theatre
and nature, directed by Barbara Ammanati and Roberto Ceccato, at the
Fonte Regina.
SATURDAY 30th May:
15.00: Piano concert by the young pianist Davide Scarabottolo from
Torreglia, at the Church of San Sabino.
From 16.30 until 18.30: plays performed by the Primary Schools (entrance
located next to the cemetery, next to Villa Verson).
17.00: Award ceremony of the San Sabino International Religious Poetry
Award, at the church of San Sabino.
19.00: Jazz Concert by the " Modem Jazz Sextet " at the "Rustic Stall.”
21.00 - Concert featuring the Torreglia Town Band conducted by Maestro
Fabio Bocelle, with the Clarinet Ensemble " Clarinblack", conducted by
Matteo Gervasi, in San Sabino's Church square.
SUNDAY 31 May:
10.00- Guided Walk around Monte Rua by Francesco Sette and Antonio
Mazzetti, starting from the Church of San Sabino and arriving at the
Ristoro Rustico around 12.00 noon.
11.00- Solemn Mass at the Church of San Sabino.
14.00 to 16.00- Drawing competition for children between the ages of six
and fourteen, “Dipingi il Paesaggio"/ [Paint the Landscape], in San
Sabino's Church square.
15.00- Inauguration (at the Church of San Sabino )of the Literary Walk,
which will include both the Literary Park " Francesco Petrarca" and the
Euganean Hills.
16.00- Guided walk by the Alicorno Guides, starting from the Church of
Sacro Cuore, opposite Via Mondonego, arriving at Ristoro Rustico at
From 16.30 until 19.00- Plays performed by the Primary and Secondary
Schools, entrance located next to the cemetery, by Villa Verson.
18.00- Jazz Concert by the young jazz musicians from the Conservatoire
Cesare Pollini of Padova, at Villa Rosa Prandstraller.
19.00- Meeting on the theme " Il Recupero delle Tradizioni/ [Preserving
Traditions]": presentation of the video" Il Pop do Ieri/[ Yesterday's Pop]",
by the musical group Calicanto, hosted by Toni Mazzetti and Sergio
Durante from Padova University, at the Church of San Sabino.
20.00- Award Ceremony of the Photo Competition " Ex Tempore Alla
Mira", at the Eremo San Luca, behind the Church of San Sabino.
21.30 “Let's All Dance!”, hosted by the musical group
Calicanto and the dancers from Festa Continua, at the “Rustic Stall”

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The third Mira Festival will take place from 29th to 31 May 2015.
During the three days and throughout The Festival:
-Photo Competition open for the duration of the Festival. Post your photos onto the Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/festadellamira
-Shuttle bus from Piazza Mercato with car parking available nearby.
-Wine tasting hosted by Cantina Ca' Ferri, inside Villa Rosa/Prandstraller.
- Inside Eremo di San Luca, sale and display of publications and books regarding the Euganean Hills.
- Exhibition of works by local craftsmen, located on the left hand side of the Church of San Sabino.
- The Church of San Sabino is open to visitors thanks to the efforts of
the Cultural Association “La Perla”.
- Market Stalls of the local Associations open on SATURDAY from 15.00 until 21.00, and on SUNDAY from 10.00 until 19.30.
-Euro/Taurilio currency exchange counter open on SATURDAY from 15.00 until 21.00 and on SUNDAY from 10.00 until 19.30.
-Stand Rustico [ Rustic Stall ] open on SATURDAY from 15.00 until 21.30 and on SUNDAY from 11.00 until 21.00.
-Link to the organizing website- http://www.comune.torreglia.pd.it/
Facebook Festa della Mira : https://www.facebook.com/festadellamira
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComuneTorreglia
  • Via Mondonego, 24
    Torreglia (PD)
  • Via Mondonego, 20
    Torreglia (PD)
  • Via Mirabello, 35
    Torreglia (PD)
  • Via Facciolati, 28
    Torreglia (PD)


The town of Torreglia is characterized by a mainly hilly country area and by a flat area. The oldest part of the village is the current "Torreglia Alta" (the upper part of the town) which has developed around the church of San Sabino, a place of worship which linked many foothill hamlets and villages. Only between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century did the community settle in the plain area – towards Montegrotto – establishing the recent part of Torreglia.
Контакты предприятий
Largo Marconi, 1
35038 - Torreglia (PD)
+39 0499930128 www.comune.torreglia.pd.it
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The etymological origin of the name “Torreglia” is based on two assumptions: some claim that it derives from "taurilia" (a fight between bulls which was organized by Antenor, the mythical founder of Padua in order to thank the gods), whereas others suggest "turricula" or "turrilia" which would refer to a small watchtower, probably the medieval one on the hill Mira, which later became the bell tower of the aforementioned church of San Sabino. 
The first community to settle in the territory was the Romans, who used the waters of the still visible spring Fonte Regina for the water supply of Montegrotto. Then, in the thirteenth century the Benedictine monks of Praglia restored this area by encouraging agriculture and the population of the territory. In the Middle Ages, the area was subjected to the jurisdiction of some noble and powerful families, first the Transelgardi and later the Da Lozzo.
In the fifteenth-sixteenth century, under the rule of the Venetian Republic, some sumptuous patrician villas were built in the area, among which Villa Dei Vescovi (design by Falconetto) in the hamlet of Luvigliano, Villa Gussoni Verson and Villa Tolomei (Mirabello), embellished in the nineteenth century by a park designed by Jappelli. Later, Villa Ferri-Salata, Villa Pollini, Villa Maluta (Assunta) and Villa Medin (Immacolata) were built nearby. 
In 1339, the hermitage, still existing on Mount Rua, was built thanks to the aid of the local population: the complex, characterized by the houses of the monks gathered around the Church of the Annunziata, was rebuilt in 1537 by the Camaldolese friars of Santa Corona. In addition, the church of San Martino and Villa dei Vescovi – now owned by the FAI – are still interesting places to see in Luvigliano. Castelletto and the Roccolo Pass are other places worthy to be visited. 
The famous scholar and Latinist Jacopo Facciolati (1682-1769) was born in Torreglia and some other famous people stayed there, attracted by the salubrious climate and the beauty of the landscape, such as the Abbot Giuseppe Barbieri (1774-1852), the linguist Niccolò Tommaseo (1802-1874) and the composer Cesare Pollini (1858-1912). 
In 1911, following a great increase in tourism to the Euganean Hills, the first electronic tram connecting Torreglia with Padua was established and in 1913 the first stone of the new church of the Sacred Heart was laid.
For lovers of food and wine, Torreglia offers numerous renowned restaurants and taverns where you can taste the traditional dish par excellence, the Torresano (tower pigeon). It is also recommended to try the excellent local wines and the "maraschino", a typical liquor made from morello cherries, produced by the company Luxardo.
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