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RESTAURANT TORCIO, IN CHIAMPO, WITH THE TYPICAL AND QUALITY CERTIFICATED PRODUCTS OF VICENZA …eating the typical products of the area of Vicenza! Thanks to Expo 2015, during the weekend of May, we will dedicate our dinner to the traditional venetian dishes, using typical, local and in-season products from Vicenza.
We are waiting for you to taste our territory!
This event is promoted by the cultural association “Idee & Sapori”
The restaurant  “al Torcio”, is runned by the family Dal Lago and offers typical products, inspired by tradition and authenticity. Agostino and Serenella take care of each products of our territory, cooking typical products from Vicenza and the Veneto Region, with tasting menu composed by local products: asparagus, mushrooms, and many more.
The most famous course, that distinguish us, is the “Bacalà alla Vicentina”. In 2010, it is entered in the TOP FIVE DISHES recognized by Europe for Italy.
During the summer period it is possible to have dinner in terrace, by candle-lights.

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Restaurant Al Torcio
Via Giacomo Leopardi, 5
36072 Chiampo (VI)
+ 39 0444.62.46.65
Info: info@ristorantealtorcio.it

We are closed on Monday; Sunday for dinner, only upon booking (min. 8 person)
  • Via Giacomo Leopardi, 5
    Chiampo (VI)


The cultural association "Idee & Sapori" (Ideas & Flavors) is responsible for:
- Promoting the history, culture and traditions of the territory;
- Enhancing aspects of the area, supporting tourism;
- Creating events;
- Supporting other associations to enrich their manifestations;
- Developing courses to deepen aspects of the history, culture and traditions;
- Developing information services in support of local traditions (for the Pro Loco in particular).
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via Brenta, 53
35010 - Carmignano di Brenta (PD)
+39 340 3321128 www.idee-sapori.it
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Календарь Expo Veneto

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