STAR ENTERPRISE Award "Design Made in Padova"

A parade of stars organized by the West Hills Delegation in the extraordinary setting of "Villa dei Vescovi" in Luvigliano (Torreglia), waiting together for the summer solstice and rewarding companies that have distinguished themselves in the project "Food & Design: excellence in Padua Expo 2015".
On the evening of this year's summer solstice, conviviality and culture will be combined: business culture by the presence of representatives of the award-winning companies and astronomy by the participation of scientists from Padua's Planetarium.
A cocktail with the best food and wine produced in our region will be offered to the guests to the music of Maestro Franco Moro.
The award-winning companies will be: Asiago Food Spa, Berto's Spa, Distilleries Bonollo Spa, Luxardo Spa, Maschio Gaspardo Spa, L'atelier Pastry Biasetto, Plastotecnica Spa, Valbona Spa
18:00 Guided visit of the house and gardens  

19:00 Opening and Welcome by
Mr Enzo Romaro
President of the West Hills Delegation
Mr Filippo Legnaro
Mayor of Torreglia
19:30 Presentation ceremony: the awards will be presented by
Mr Leonardo Toson
President of Banca di Credito Cooperativo of Piove di Sacco
20:15 A look at the stars
Mr Luca Nobili from the Planetarium of Padua
The visible sky explained through big-screen projections
21:30 Marco Bregolato
Planetarium of Padua
A look at the sky through the telescope followed by an explanation of how practical astronomy operates with the aid of a laser pointer.

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The project is sponsored by the Council of the City of Torreglia (Padua) and supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Padova and Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Piove di Sacco in collaboration with APS Opere e Servizi, Baap Bergamaschi, Canale Italia, Coldline, Come to Padova and Discover Expo 2015, Dolomia, Eleni, Generali INA Assitalia Terme Euganee, Generali Agenzia di Padova Sud, GRUEMP, Niuko, Thiene Trasporti, Unimec .
Opening hours from 19.00 to 22.30
Participation by invitation only.
For more information and registration please contact: 049 8227171

Translation: Mauro Bisello 
  • Via dei Vescovi n. 4
    Torreglia (PD)


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