ESMACH PRESENTS "THE DAYTIME BAKER" A workshop to step into  the world of innovative bread making

On June the 16th and September the 10th come and take part to Esmach’s  "THE DAYTIME BAKER"
The two events have the objective to share a new concept linked to one of the world's most beautiful crafts, that of the baker, and to promote the use of natural and genuine ingredients, contemporarily spreading the culture of good and  healthy food.
Let us forget about the baker who spends the entire night following his dough and continuous batches. With "THE DAYTIME BAKER",  opening and managing an oven on your own is easy today, requiring no sacrifices and it is really accessible to anyone who wishes to transform his passion into a concrete profession. Thanks to Esmach technologies and to the laboratory for the EsmachLab's bakery, you can indeed dedicate the day to churning out bread, pizza, fragrant and genuine focaccia bread, while at night your life can continue, far from ovens and mixers.
"THE DAYTIME BAKER" is in fact the innovative production system designed by Esmach that, even in less than 25 square meters, allows the swirling and whirling and rolling out of completely natural, fresh products throughout the day.  In just 30 minutes, and without wastes, you’ve got your goodies on someone else’s table. In addition, bread and pizza are produced with natural mother yeast, without chemical additives, following energy saving principles and environmental sustainability.
Between presentations, tastings, direct testimonies and moments of practice, it will be possible to perceive the innovative method "THE DAYTIME BAKER", come into contact with qualified professional bakers and become one of them with the support of Esmach. Participate by sending an e-mail to partecipo@esmach.com.
10.30 - 11.30 - Introduction of the Day with Luciano Delpozzo, CEO of Esmach
11.30 - 12.30 - Theory of baking with Stefano Bongiovanni, professor at  EsmachAcademy
12:30 - 13.30 - "Hands in dough", from theory to practice
13:30 - 14.30 - "Pizza Time" with tasting
"THE DAYTIME BAKER" - interventions:
Luciano Delpozzo, class 1967, open minded, assertive internationalist, with a young attitude. He  loves to get to know people and different cultures in depth. For pleasure, he skies, practices yoga, walks and is an independent traveller. He shares with his wife the joys and responsibilities of managing a group of three children, a dog and a cat.
With great passion, for five years he has been dealing with food equipment and, with absolute tenacity, determination and deep respect for the people, manages Esmach SpA, a historical company in the  bread-making industry. Before Esmach, he performed the turn-around and the start-up of other international businesses, also as resident in Greece and China for long periods. He is the inventor of EsmachLab, the new concept for flour professionals and bakery lovers.
Stefano Bongiovanni, graduated in 2003 at the technical catering institute Mondovi. Stefano begins his career in important restaurants like the Clivie Piobesi d'Alba (one Michelin star).  In 2005 he moves onto leading the pastry station at  the Restaurant Piazza Duomo in Alba (3 Michelin stars).
In 2006, at the age of 21, he opens his own bakery "Bread?” in Nucetto, a small village in the province of Cuneo, where he specializes and refines his pastry and bakery techniques with natural yeast. After several training courses and training with Alessandro Alessandri of  Eataly, he starts his adventure with Grom, where he still follows the bakery environment, specializing  in the production of high quality cookies. He collaborates with Esmach as Bakery Ambassador and Trainer since 2014.


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Workshop "The Daytime Baker"

June the 16th, h10:30 - 14:30
September the 10th, h10:30 - 14:30
Esmach spa, via V. Veneto, 143 36040
Grisignano di Zocco (VI)
Sign up on: partecipo@esmach.com
Location on Google Maps: http://cl.ly/b15u
  • Via Vittorio Veneto 143
    Vicenza (VI)


For over 40 years Esmach has been developing innovative equipment for the bakery industry ensuring the best technologies to bakers and bakeries. Every day we work alongside experts the field supporting their professional growth with custom solutions, targeted training and EsmachLab, the first turnkey bakery signed Esmach.

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+39 0444 419777 WWW.ESMACH.COM
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The history of ESMACH s.p.a. starts at the beginning of the 70s as Esperia Machines, a company which  develops  and realises solutions for the bakery industry.  Amongst its first machines we find  the spiral kneader and the volumetric divider. These were soon considered to be  authentic technological innovations in the baking field, and have represented an added value in such business, for customers and competitors as well. In the 80s the company evolves and changes brand:
From Esperia Macchine  to ESMACH, to encourage the further development throughout international markets, with the sale of industrial lines for bread making. The innovative propulsion and the widespread presence of ESMACH in the markets, the high technical and human value of its team, have contributed to the considerable development of Bongard SA in Italy since the early 90s. It is in this period that Bongard, historical and undisputed leader in France in the manufacture of ovens, identifies Esmach as reliable Partner able to develop the presence on the Italian market of the Bongard ovens and signs a binding crossed distribution agreement.
Today ESMACH s.p.a., is  part of the Group ALI, and is one of the major international realities specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery for the bread-making industry. For over forty years, we have been realising innovative equipment for the bakery industry, personalised, in limited scale, in addition to our turnkey bakeries. We are the ideal partner in the technical scope and technological developments, as focused to provide turnkey solutions designed to incentivize working  in serenity and with success, even through service and training paths.
Esmach believes in traditions, in the history of baking  and in the skills of the craftsman's savoir faire together with networking, modern technologies and innovation. The customer and its future alleged are our true mission as we want to contribute  to the enjoyment of  a correct, healthy and balanced diet, as well as supplying  a bespoke service to accompany the customer step by step.
Esmach in numbers:
500+ articles and machineries
65 passionate employees
80% private labelled
20% Esmach branded
360° KaiZen Logics
Production philosophy 80-20 and Long Tail
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