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A Sunday dedicated to wine lovers that will taste our wines under the large arcade, pampered by a unique location . Small restaurant and art exhibition .

Like every year, the last Sunday of May is dedicated to wine lovers. We wait for you in the company for the 23 th edition of Open Cellars. Not only the tasting of our wines in the large porch, but also a small restaurant managed by Pegoraro Butcher shop and bistrot in Ponte di Barbarano. The location and atmosphere are ideal for spending a day among vineyards, wine, tradition and sympathy, to learn about the world of wine, between smiles and serious things. WINE & ART always finely releted. We will have great pleasure to host in the cellar artist LINO CRESTALE. Between a glass of Tai Rosso and one of Bartòc we dive in its works and let rocked by emotions. Lino Crestale is a self-taught painter and sculptor of Albettone, held since 1970 an intense creative activity. Actively participating in solo and group exhibitions. His works are scattered in various private and public collections in Italy and also in foreign cities. For information on the national event and the Wine Tourism Movement can view this link www.movimentoturismovino.it
PHOTO CONTEST DRINK WHAT TO SEE! Instagram snaps a photo of your glass of wine in which is recognizable our location or vineyards, enter the hashtag #vedicosabevi and enter a contest...all to taste! Sign up http://www.bevicosavedi.it/

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From 10.00 to 18.00
Free admission. A -wine card- allows access to wine tasting .
  • Via Calbin 24
    Mossano (VI)


Pegoraro winery was born in Mossano, in the heart of the Colli Berici (Berici Hills), in a former nuns’ convent dating back to 1200 A.D., which became a residence and cellar over the years. Our company is family-run, with the strength of years of experience elapsed between vineyards, barrels, and bottles – looking to the future with renewing space and oenological technology. 

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Via Calbin n. 24
36024 - Mossano (VI)
+39 0444886461 www.cantinapegoraro.it
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Our vineyards grow in the heart of the DOC Colli Berici (Berici Hills). Standing as a little pearl in the heart of the Veneto region, abundant with olive trees and vines, small patches remain – spread across forests and crops. A land well-known for wine vocation, where soil composition and microclimate vary, wines are born with elegance, simplicity and personality that is only found in this small, yet rich, land. All the steps of production are followed personally, from the vineyard to wine-making and wine-bottling, with continuous growth in research and selection of environmentally friendly methods of producing wine itself.The most important product of Pegoraro Winery is our ‘Tai Rosso,’ known previously as ‘Tocai Rosso.’ It’s history is intertwined with the Sardinian Cannonau with French Grenache and Garnacha from Spain. Our area, however, has found a particularly strong vocation, thereby providing both unique identity and storied tradition.
The Classic Tai Rosso is a wine from a large and distinct bouquet – with tones of cherry, raspberry and spices that immediately capture the sense of smell. A pleasant sensation of freshness, with delicate tannins and an elegant aftertaste of almonds and rose tips. The production also includes an aged version, which is so concentrated and full-bodied – yet fine and elegant. We also carry two sparkling versions, to add to our stock.
Sparkling charmat, enhanced by it’s fresh and fruity notes, it makes for a pleasant aperitif or a wine to pair with medium-structured dishes. The other sparkling version is the Tai Rosso (Traditional Method pas dose). Structured and elegant, full-bodied and creamy, deviates from it’s better known identity to give us a very special and intense wine.  Other vines we grow are Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot and Pinot Bianco.
However, all of these wines found here come from the best environment possible, in order to fully express all their praising qualities.

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